14 S Club 7 Movie Moments You Need to Revisit Right Now (Whoa, Hannah Wore A Lot Of Bucket Hats)

If you thought the Spice Girls were the only Simon Fuller outfit with their very own feature film, think again: In addition to recording albums and shooting television shows, pop group S Club 7 made MULTIPLE movies. Some of the S Club movies went straight to the boob tube, and one made its way into theaters. Given the news that the “Bring It All Back” septet is bringing it all back to fans via a reunion tour, now seems as good a time as any to revisit the filmography of Tina Barrett, Paul Cattermole, Rachel Stevens, Jo O'Meara, Hannah Spearritt, Bradley McIntosh, and Jon Lee. So that is what I am about to do.

In 1999, S Club released two made-for-TV movies: Back to the '50s and Boyfriends & Birthdays. Both movies, which happened to air after S Club 7 in Miami ended and before S Club 7 in L.A.began, depict the group road tripping from South Beach to the City of Angels. Hilarity, mayhem, music, and time traveling ensues.

Back to the '50s and Boyfriends & Birthdays were only just the beginning: In 2003, Seeing Double hit theaters. In their first and only feature film, S Club 7 is pitted against a mad scientist. Not just any mad scientist, but a mad scientist who plans to use clones of celebrities to take over the world. Hilarity, mayhem, music, and cloning ensues.

If those synopses don't have you itching to watch the movies posthaste (pro tip: all three are available on YouTube), these specific moments from Boyfriends & Birthdays, Back to the '50s, and Seeing Double should do the trick:

When the sky turns into time travel gelatin the second the odometer hits 1,000,000 miles (Back to the '50s)

Who needs a flux capacitor when you have GELATIN MAAAAAAAAGIC!

When Rachel worries the red and black bowling shoes don't match her red track pants and black sports bra (Back to the '50s)

I'm dying to know what the sports bra and tube top budget was for these movies.

When the members of S Club turn into Ed Debevic's waiters (Back to the '50s)

UGH, why are all but one of the Ed Debevic's locations closed? Welp, I know where I'm eating dinner every night next time I'm in Chicago.

“I haven’t had this much fun since your mom first put ketchup and mustard on my weenie and slammed it in a bun.” (Back to the '50s)

That is an actual line that is actually uttered in an actual kids' movie.

When a dramatic car race turns into the music video for "S Club Party" (Back to the '50s)

shmulikSC7 on YouTube

Like you do. Here's the official video:

rachelstevens7 on YouTube

When the jail dance party happens (Seeing Double)

Just some casual behind bars choreo.

When whatever this utensil is happens (Seeing Double)

"Oh, me? Just using a thread cutter to nosh on some Jell-O."

Any time Victor Clonemaster happens (Seeing Double)

Gotta hand it to the guy for living up to the family name.

When this musical number happens (Seeing Double)

sClubForever7 on YouTube

ESPECIALLY when the Michael Jackson clone happens (Seeing Double)

When Hannah’s blue bucket hat happens (Boyfriends & Birthdays)

When Hannah's white bucket hat happens (Boyfriends & Birthdays)

And when Hannah's invisible bucket hat happens (Boyfriends & Birthdays)

I'm dying to know what the sports bra, tube top, AND bucket hat budget was for these movies.

When Jo hits Rachel's foot with a sledgehammer (Boyfriends & Birthdays)

Spoiler alert: The rest of the movie takes place in the hospital where Rachel undergoes foot reconstructive surgery.

Images: shmulikSC7 (4), It's An S Club Thing (3), s club forever 7, kat m/YouTube; CBBC (3)