10-Minute Full-Body Workouts That Bring A Quick Sweat

They may not be long but they sure are spicy.

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Only have a short amount of time to exercise? No problem. These 10-minute full-body workouts strengthen your legs, core, arms, back, and glutes in a flash. To get the most out of a speedy sesh, trainer Jodi Braverman recommends working as hard as you can.

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Braverman’s Routine

Do each move for 50 seconds with 10 seconds rest, then repeat.

- Burpees: Squat, hands to floor, jump feet back, do a push-up, jump to stand.

- Squats.

- Push-ups.

- Reverse lunges + shoulder press with dumbbell.

- Bent-over rows.

Cool down and you’re done.


Brooke Cavalla’s Workout

Do 40 seconds on, 20 seconds off.

- Reverse lunges.

- Tricep dips.

- Burpees.

- Jumping jacks.

- Sumo squats with a weight.

- Walking lunges.

- Jump lunges.

- High knees.

- Push-ups.

- Mountain climbers.

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Jennifer McCamish’s 10-Minute Circuit

- 30-second forearm plank.

- 10 push-ups.

- 30-second side plank per side.

- 16 clamshells per leg.

- 40 “2nd position” pulses.

- 30 squat + overhead press.

- 30-second high plank.

- 10 slow ab curls, 30 bicycles, 10 leg lifts.

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Coach Briana Williams’ Workout

Do 30 seconds per move and complete 3 rounds.

- Sit crisscross, reach up and overhead.

- 90/90 switches.

- World’s greatest stretch.

- High plank with ankle taps.

- Jump rope.

- Bear hold with alternating shoulder taps.

- Bird dogs.


Lauren Ferrara’s Full-Body Cardio

Complete this routine twice.

- High knees, 1 minute.

- Shuffle squats, 1 minute.

- Push-ups, 1 minute.

- Supported flutter kicks, 1 minute. Sit back, extend legs, kick feet up and down.

- Jumping jacks, 1 minute.


Elby Gilbert’s Session

Do 30 seconds each. Repeat until you reach 10 minutes.

- Squat jumps + alternating leg lifts.

- Jumping jacks.

- Push-ups to mountain climbers.

- Reverse crunch toe taps. Pull knees to chest.

- Reverse lunge + oblique twists. Twist elbow to opposite knee.

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Jacqueline Hinton’s 10-Minute Pilates

- 100s for 1 minute.

- Squat, rise onto toes. 3 sets of 20.

- Swimming. Lie face down, lift upper body & legs to kick. 3 sets of 8.

- Flying clams. On side, prop on elbow, bend legs. Lift hips off floor, open top knee. 3 sets of 20.


Andrea Marcellus’s Routine

Work through 2-3 times till you reach 10 minutes.

- Squat with weights + overheard press, 15 reps.

- Reverse flies in deep lunge, 10 reps per leg.

- Iso-hold push-ups, 10 reps.

- Plank to down dog + leg lift, 5 reps.

- Diamond crunches, 15 reps.

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Mike Moreno’s Workout

Do as many reps as you can of each move in 20 seconds. Rest, repeat till 10 minutes is up.

- Side lunges + squats.

- 4 mountain climbers, 1 push-up.

- Jumping lunges.

- Skier hops. Squat then jump side to side. Keep feet close together.

- Bear crawls.