10-Minute Full-Body Workouts That Bring A Quick Sweat

They may not be long but they sure are spicy.

These 10-minute full-body workouts provide an efficient sweat sesh.
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Only have a short amount of time to exercise? No problem. These 10-minute full-body workouts strengthen your legs, core, arms, back, and glutes in a flash. To get the most out of a speedy sesh, trainer Jodi Braverman recommends working as hard as you can.

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Braverman’s Routine

Do each move for 50 seconds with 10 seconds rest, then repeat.

- Burpees: Squat, hands to floor, jump feet back, do a push-up, jump to stand.

- Squats.

- Push-ups.

- Reverse lunges + shoulder press with dumbbell.

- Bent-over rows.

Cool down and you’re done.