10-Minute Strength Workouts That Bring A Quick Sweat

Perfect for your lunch break.

Trainers share their go-to 10-minute strength workouts that bring the burn in a flash.
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Think you need to hit the gym for an hour? Nope: 10-minute strength workouts do the trick. “A short, consistent workout can make a difference in your day by boosting your mood, energy levels, and endurance,” fitness instructor Christie Horan tells Bustle. Here are some to try.

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Horan’s Total Body Strength Workout

These five moves hit every muscle in your body. Do each exercise for 60 seconds and repeat for 10 minutes.

- Plank walkouts

- Squats

- Overhead presses with dumbbells

- Tricep kickbacks

- Side crunches

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Kemma Cunningham’s Circuit

According to Cunningham, using multiple muscle groups in one exercise is an easy way to get more out of your workout.

Do 3 rounds of each, 30 seconds on, 10 seconds off:

- Squat to overhead press

- Row with weights

- Forward lunge + curl

- Forearm plank

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Gia Calhouns Pilates Workout

Work on core strength and mobility in this quick Pilates sesh.

- Plank: 30 seconds, 3x

- The Hundred: arm pumps with legs raised, count to 100.

- Side planks: 30 seconds per side, repeat 2x.

- Scissor kicks: 1 minute

Repeat until you hit 10 minutes.

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Bodyweight Workout from TJ Mentus

Mentus’ tip? “Push yourself to the fastest possible pace,” he says. Do the below for 10 straight minutes for a challenging full-body strength session.

- Pull-ups from a dead hang

- Push-ups

- Air squats

- Sit-ups or crunches


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Cardio + Strength

Exercise physiologist Tom Holland’s full-body strength-cardio sesh.

- Run in place, 1 min.

Do each for 30 sec., rest for 30.

- Squats, push-ups, crunches, jumping jacks

- Forward lunges, plank, mountain climbers

- Bicycle crunches, skaters, burpees

- Jog, 1 min.

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Anna Em’s Weightlifting Challenge

Em says using weights is an effective way to increase your strength in a short workout.

- Deadlifts, 3 sets of 5 reps.

- Barbell back squats, 3 sets of 5 reps.

- Rest 30 seconds between each set. Do 10 minutes total.

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No-Equipment Workout by Candice McDaniel

McDaniels says this routine will help build muscle, no weights necessary.

- Reverse lunges, 10 reps each leg

- Mountain climbers, 20 reps each side

- Bicycles, 10 reps

- Chair dips, 15 reps

- Push-ups, 10 reps.

Repeat for 10 minutes.

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Barbell Strength Circuit

Isopure trainer Brianna Bernard loves barbell exercises for increasing strength as they increase your heart rate.

- Barbell front squats + shoulder press

- Bent over row + high hip deadlift

- Chest press

- Ab roll-outs.

Do 1 to 3 sets of 15 reps each.

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Full Body Work from Bande’s Amanda Jenny

“Begin your workout with a quick warm-up, such as arm circles, head rolls, and/or knee lifts,” she says.

Do each move twice for 60 seconds.

- Squats

- Bridge + skull crushers

- Reverse lunge + hammer curls

- Plank rows

- Weighted sit-ups

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