Dolly Parton Teamed Up With Apple To Help You Get Your Steps In

Fitness+ launches Time to Walk to encourage more movement.

Photo: Apple

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Getting in your steps just got more entertaining. The Apple Fitness+ Time to Walk program, an audio-guided walking experience that features notable guests who share personal stories and their favorite songs as you take a stroll, launches today on the app.

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The first episodes star Dolly Parton, musician Shawn Mendes, NBA all-star Draymond Green, and actor Uzo Aduba. Each guest shares personal stories — think life lessons and meaningful memories, like Parton on walking on her farm with her dad followed by music of their choosing.

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Apple wants to upgrade the experience of one of the most popular workouts in the world. Walking is low-impact, accessible to people of all fitness levels, and gives you a long list of both physical and mental benefits.

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The Time to Walk sessions last from 25 to 40 minutes, and the same metrics appear on your Apple Watch as in other workouts: your heart rate, calories burned, elevation, and speed. A new guest will appear each week to bring you a new storytelling-slash-workout experience.

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Research shows that regular walking can improve heart health and your body's immune system, boost cognitive function, help reduce stress, and even promote a longer life. All you need is a pair of shoes.

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Apple hopes to make the fitness modality accessible to anyone. For its customers that use a wheelchair, Time to Walk becomes Time to Push, and the workout adapts to a wheelchair walk pace.

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Unlike a podcast, Time to Walk combines the one-on-one feeling of connection with a narrator with photos for a visual component, all in the setting of an exercise session. The idea is to motivate users to get their steps in and have fun while doing so.

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Besides offering a great workout, Time to Walk gives users a space to clear their mind and potentially gain a new perspective. If you're unable to get outside, you can choose to enjoy it while walking on a treadmill or around your house.

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To use Time to Walk, tap the episodes on the Fitness+ home page to begin the session. You can stream the workouts anywhere — all you need is your Apple Watch and Airpods or other Bluetooth headphones.