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11 Galentine's Day Date Ideas, Inspired By Your Favorite Movies

Your BFF is the love of your life.

This holiday, brought to you by none other than Leslie Knope of Parks & Recreation fame, falls on February 13 — and was invented purely to celebrate friendships. So if you and your BFF are looking for things to do Galentine's Day, check out these 11 fun ideas based on all the best movies.

Watch A Ton Of Movies

Since Amy Poehler created Galentine's Day, spend Feb. 13 watching her movies. Start the day with Baby Mama, then move on to Sisters, Inside Out, and finally Mean Girls, because she's a cool mom.

Pretend You're At A Winery

Let Wine Country — another one of Amy's movies — inspire you and a friend to set up a Napa-style tasting. Whoever has the most wine knowledge can play the role of sommelier, while the other makes wine-friendly snacks.

Bake A Giant Cookie

Based on this hilarious scene in Bridesmaids, bake a "giant f*cking cookie" for your friend. But instead of putting it on display in the yard, eat it along with homemade pink lemonade. (Mmm, that's fresh.)

Go On A Road Trip

Make like the friends in Girls Trip and spend Feb. 13 driving around and seeing what kinds of um... interesting situations you can get yourselves into.

Try A Cozy Hobby

If you'd prefer to stay in, copy the gals in Little Women and spend the day brushing up on your favorite past-times. Spend the day following a painting tutorial, teaching yourselves how to cross-stitch, or reading poetry. Whatever strikes your mid-1800s fancy.

Make A Dinner For Two

If you ever side-eye your extensive (and untouched) cookbook collection, why not crack one open on Galentine's Day and prepare a fancy French dish for your friend, à la Julie & Julia?

Have An Old School Slumber Party

Recreate the amazing sleepovers you used to have by staying up all night, just like they do in 13 Going on 30. To make it extra old school, dance around to Whitney Houston, Pat Benatar, and Talking Heads.

Start A Band

Have you always wanted to write songs together? Then tear a page from The Runaways and do it! Mark Feb. 13 as the day you start your band. And who knows? By this time next year, you might even be performing on stage.

Experiment With Makeup

Have fun with makeup, like they do in Like A Boss, by following tutorials on YouTube. Then spend the rest of the day hyping up each other's business ideas.

Make Each Other Breakfast

Go overboard by making eggs, toast, pancakes — even mimosas — and then having breakfast in bed, just like Marie Antoinette.

Attempt New Hairstyles

Remember the quaint salon scenes in Runaway Bride? Recreate that vibe by styling each other's hair while talking about your crushes, and/or waxing poetic about why being single on Valentine's Day is the best.