9 Psoas Muscle Stretches Perfect For Tight Hips

Including one you can do in bed.

How to stretch your psoas muscles, according to trainers.


The psoas starts in your lower back and extends through the pelvis region to your thigh bones, says personal trainer Heather Carroll. And the area tends to get extra tight or achy. Try these psoas muscle stretches recommended by the pros for some relief.


Knee Hug

Carroll recommends doing this stretch first thing in the morning.

- Lie on your back.

- Draw knees into chest.

- Hug knees in, gently press tailbone away from body.

- Feel stretch in your lower back.

Hold for 30 seconds.


Low Lunge

Do this stretch throughout the day if your hips feel tight, says Carroll.

- Step right knee forward.

- Shift hips forward. Feel stretch in left leg.

- Place hands down by feet to release lower back.

Hold for 30 seconds on each side.

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Dynamic Lunges

Yoga teacher Kimberlee Morrison recommends dynamic stretching to release the psoas.

- From a high lunge, shift weight into front foot.

- Press through heel to lift back knee to hip height.

- Replace foot back down with control.

- Repeat for 10 reps. Switch legs.

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Cat Pulling Its Tail

Here’s another great psoas stretch to do in bed, Morrison says.

- Lie on your side.

- Reach with top arm to grab bottom foot.

- Extend top leg straight out to twist body.

- If you can, gaze in opposite direction and allow shoulder to roll open.


Triangle Pose

Morrison suggests this yoga posture for relief.

- Take a wide stance.

- One foot points forward, other points to side.

- Extend arms wide. Release bottom hand to shin.

- Top arm goes on hip or straight up to sky.

Repeat both sides.


Supported Bridge With Leg Extension

Yoga pro Angie Berrett suggests this move.

- Lie on back, feet hip-width apart, knees bent, feet on floor.

- Place blanket or yoga block under sacrum for support.

- Lift hips into bridge.

- Walk legs out to stretch.

- Hold 4 breaths.

Repeat 2x.

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Pike Stretch

Stretch Zone’s Jorden Gold says this move increases mobility in the hips and psoas.

- Begin on the floor, back straight, shoulders relaxed.

- Extend your legs straight out.

- Lean forward to reach fingers to toes.

Hold for a few breaths.

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Butterfly Pose

Do this yoga stretch to target the inner thighs and quads, says Gold.

- Sit on the floor with your back straight and shoulders relaxed.

- Bend knees, bring the bottoms of your feet to touch.

- Gently press knees down toward ground.

Hold for a few breaths.

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Pigeon Pose

Gold also likes this yoga pose to warm up the hips and release the psoas.

- Start in a downward dog position.

- Bring one leg forward.

- Lower knee to floor.

- Extend other leg behind you on floor.

- Feel a stretch in your hips.

- Repeat on other leg.

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