7 Swimming Workouts Beginners Can Crush

Suit up.

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Swimming is low impact and great for all body types and ages,” says certified personal trainer and F45 coach Donna Walker. Need to cool off and break a sweat at the same time? Make sure a lifeguard’s on duty and dive in for summer workout fun.

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Take A Class

The safest way to start swimming as a beginner is to take a lesson, says Earl Walton, the global director of training and coaching at triathlon company IRONMAN. “60 minutes with a coach can result in hours and hours of progress.”

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Safety Drills

Know your basics, says Jenny McCuiston, an Olympic swimming trialist and the founder of Goldfish Swim School. You can: “Pull yourself out of the pool and carefully lower yourself in; Jump in, turn around, and swim back to the wall; Roll over and float on your back.”

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Water Running

Slow motion running in the pool will challenge you but take it easy on your joints. “Your muscles have to push and pull against the drag of the water,” Walker explains. Do some laps back and forth in the shallow end before strolling in deeper.

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Form Drills

You don’t have to go fast to become a stronger swimmer. Walker says that swimming drills are a workout all their own. Keep your body level in the water while practicing the form for different strokes and kicks for a few minutes at a time.

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Train Outside The Pool

“I love to see an athlete build core and rotational strength for swimming,” Walton says. “Planks, mountain climbers, and chops are great core movements.” Try doing each move for 30-60 seconds each for four to six rounds.

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Practice Freestyling

“Float with your face in the water,” says McCuiston. Cycle your arms under and over the water, from your hips to over your head and back. Don’t forget to kick. This full body workout is good for strength and cardio, but it'll go easy on your joints.

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If you have access to equipment, a safe body of water, and a certified instructor snorkeling is a great beginner swimming workout. You don’t have to worry about controlling your breath, but you’ll be moving your body the whole time.