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11 Valentine's Day Date Ideas, Inspired By Your Favorite Rom-Coms

It's time to get cheesy.


If you're in the mood for something cheesy and cute — like a Valentine's Day date idea inspired by your favorite romantic movie — well, you're in luck. From La La Land to Love, Simon, here are 11 adorable ways to spend the holiday with your partner.

Peruse A Bookstore

Based on the classic rom-com You've Got Mail, grab your partner and walk through the stacks at your local bookstore. Read back covers, pet the shop owner's cat, then pick up your favorite novels and exchange them as V-day gifts.

Do A Wine Tasting

The movie Sideways has a lot of themes, and one of them is wine. Let that be enough to inspire an at-home wine tasting where you sip on different varieties, make intelligent comments about the notes, and maybe even assemble a Valentine's Day cheese board.

Learn A TikTok Dance

If you're a fan of Dirty Dancing, modernize the theme for 2021 and spend Valentine's Day learning a TikTok dance. If you're both brave enough you could even — gasp — upload it to the app for all to see.

Get Away For The Weekend

Take one look at The Proposal and you might feel the urge to get away for the weekend, hang out by a lake, breathe fresh air — and maybe even discover you're a little more in love than you realized.

Have A Jazzy Evening

For peak La La Land vibes, spend Valentine's Day slinking around your apartment in glitzy outfits while listening to jazz. That's it. That's the date. Nothing else needed.

Share Your Poetry

Treat each other to a personal poetry reading, like they do in the rom-com Love Jones. Because if you want to solidify your relationship, nothing will do it faster than that.

Try A New Recipe

Pretend you're celebrity chefs, like Ali Wong's character in Always Be My Maybe, and cook a nice dinner. Since it's Valentine's Day, go out all out and choose an extra special recipe — even if it's tricky or takes hours to make.

Throw A "Party"

After you've watched Love, Simon and finished crying, let it inspire you to throw a high school-style party — just for yourselves. Get dressed up, play all the best grinding hits from your graduating year, and take tons of awkward pictures.

Take A Hike

Get inspired by The Princess Bride and stroll through the countryside. If that isn't thrilling enough, add an adventurous element by — I don't know — prancing around? Rolling down a hill? Be ridiculous, just like the movie.

Paint Portraits

Inspired by the paintings Drew Barrymore's character makes in 50 First Dates, spend Valentine's Day painting each other's likeness — in potentially-embarrassing detail.

Play Card Games

Play a round of the card game Bullsh*t, just like they do in How to Lose a Guy in Ten Days. If nothing else, it'll make for a funny way to enjoy each other's company on Valentine's Day.