11 Fun Things To Do On Valentine's Day That Beat Dinner At An Overpriced Restaurant

A couple laughs while holding their wine glasses in the kitchen on a sunny day.

If the basic Valentine's Day dinner reservation has lost its charm, you'll want to consider some more creative and cute Valentine's Day date ideas, because there truly are no rules. Restaurant date nights are great, but they can be pricey and limiting. If you want to have more than a meal with your partner, you're going to want to plan a date that's more experience based.

Opt for a date that has more lasting qualities to offer, like a cooking class, an excursion, or a DIY foodie adventure that you both map out together. Valentine's Day is about expressing and celebrating your love for your partner and there are so many ways to do that outside of an overcrowded and overpriced restaurant.

Below, you'll find a list of Valentine's Day dates that will be epic and worthy of a spot in your scrapbook. The earlier you start planning, the easier these dates will be to pull off, so don't waste any time setting up one of these dates precious enough for a rom-com of their own.

1. Pizza Tour

Nastasic/E+/Getty Images

Many pizza-forward cities have official tours that you can sign up for. The tours typically provide transportation from pizzeria to pizzeria, cover the cost of a certain amount of slices and even offer wine or beer. In New York City, Scott's Pizza Tour provides 4.5 hours of pizza-licious entertainment, perfect for couples who prefer 'za to a five star restaurant on Valentine's Day.

2. Ice Skating

In many places, holiday ice skating rinks are still open through Valentine's Day, so buy some passes, rent some skates and enjoy a night on the ice. Or, enjoy 20 minutes on the ice until you're both exhausted and frozen and look forward to those après-skate drinks.

3. Cooking Class


One of the best times to take a cooking class is on Valentine's Day because most classes will offer wine or extra romantic touches to make the class feel extra special. Whether it's oyster shucking, sushi rolling, pasta making, or bread baking, this experience will be both useful and fun.

4. Night At The Bathhouse

Check your local listings for a unisex public bathhouse and instead of getting all gussied up for a date, strip down and sweat it out together. To make the night extra special you can sign up for special massages or treatments, but even if you just swim and steam, you'll have a blast hanging out naked and trying something totally different from your regular programming.

5. Staycation


Use an app like HotelTonight to grab a great deal on a hotel room near you and spend the night in a bed that you don't have to make. Watch movies, order room service, hang out at the hotel bar or restaurant and enjoy doing what you love to do, somewhere a bit nicer.

6. The Opera

If you or your partner love an excuse to dress up, get tickets to the opera or ballet and go all out. Wear your finest or most expressive clothes to the performance and snap pictures together in the historic building to make the memory last.

7. DIY Walking Tour


Head to your nearest city with your partner and a mission. Whether it's an ice cream-themed tour in which you line up a series of walkable ice creameries to try out, a wine tour, or an art gallery tour in which you jam as much art into your night as possible, opt to spend the night walking from attraction to attraction together.

8. Rom-Com Moment

This date will take a little bit of collaboration and planning. Discuss your favorite rom-com moments with your partner and work together to recreate each of your favorites. Whether it's a frozen hot chocolate at Serendipity in New York or late night jaunt on a winter beach in LA, there are tons of scenes to pick from and you'll have a blast planning this special cinematic moment together.

9. Night At The Museum


Head to your local museum in the evening for a more romantic and less crowded experience. Many museums have cafes or bars so you can have a glass of wine or a bite to eat before or after your tour. To make the occasion extra special, dress up!

10. Summit Picnic

A fun free way to spend Valentine's Day is on a hike or nature walk with your loved one. Pack a picnic so that when you get to the lookout you can take a break and enjoy a warm snack or even a glass of wine, if permitted on the trail. This is an activity that will get you out of your element, get your blood moving and give you a great photo opp, too.

11. Dance Class

If you and your partner are proficient on the dance floor, this will be a rewarding opportunity to flex your skills and learn a combination that you can show off for years to come. If you and your partner can't even sway at a concert in sync, this will be a comedic opportunity to be silly and make a valuable memory. Either way, you'll leave the class with a dance combination to work on outside of the class, which makes it a gift that keeps on giving.

There are so many things you can do with your partner on the cheap to celebrate Valentine's Day, all you need to do is make it personal and plan ahead. The best Valentine's Day dates are the ones that you laugh about, so don't take it too seriously — leave that to the rom-coms.