Why Walking Meditation Is So Good For You

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Want to learn physically active ways to meditate? Consider taking a stroll. “Walking meditation is designed to bring both the body and mind in sync and gives us a chance to connect with nature and our surroundings,” says Weilin Wu, a certified personal trainer at Blink Fitness.

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What Is A Walking Meditation?

It's easy to walk and only pay attention to how fast you're getting to the next place. Walking meditation is different because you focus on your body, breathing, and what's around you. Think regular meditation, but moving and with your eyes open.

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Decrease Stress

Meditating while walking basically means focusing on what you’re doing in the moment rather than your goal or destination. Wu says that you’ll teach your mind to stay in the present, and stress relief will come with taking a break from it all.

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Tune Into Your Body

Walking meditation means you’re not getting somewhere on autopilot. Instead, while you walk, you’ll focus on your breath and the physical feel of the ground beneath you. It’ll connect you to the present instead of spinning thoughts about your to-do list.

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Improve Your Mood

Walking can raise your feel-good meter, Wu explains. Taking a stroll releases endorphins and can reduce your risk of depression. Add a meditation to the mix to make the practice even more calming.

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Wake You Up

Sitting at your couch-desk most of the day? “Walking meditations promotes better blood circulation,” Wu explains, “and helps to alleviate feelings of sluggishness from sitting for an extended period.” Coffee who?

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Increase Mindfulness

You don’t have to sit still for minutes on end to be more in tune with yourself and your emotions. Wu explains that you can meditate while walking if stillness is hard for you. It might be a good way to ease you into other mindfulness practices.

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How To Get Started

“Identify a place where you can walk peacefully without too much distraction,” Wu says. “Start strolling and focus on the present, your physical movement, your surroundings, and go with the flow.” It can be as simple as that to learn to practice walking meditations.

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Just 10 Minutes

Wu says that walking mindfully for 10 minutes a day for just a week can help you de-stress. Not sure how to start? Choose from walking meditation podcasts and apps like GirlTrek, Liberate, Headspace, or Apple Fitness to get some audio guidance.

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