The Friends Reunion Included Cameos From Some Of Your Favorite Guest Stars

Ross, Rachel, Monica, Phoebe, Joey, and Chandler weren’t the only beloved characters HBO Max reunited.


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Reese Witherspoon (Jill Green)

For Reese Witherspoon, one of the “most exciting” parts of guest starring as Rachel’s sister Jill in Season 6 was being on the receiving end of Joey’s “How you doin’?” tagline. “It was this iconic line and I was so excited,” she gushed in Friends: The Reunion. “And to watch a famous character say his famous line, come on.”

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Tom Selleck (Richard Burke)

Selleck, who had a recurring role as Monica’s ophthalmologist love interest Richard, showed up in the reunion with a bonus trivia question: “Monica famously chose Chandler over Richard. What did Chandler do for a living?” (The answer, of course, was “nobody knows.”)

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Maggie Wheeler (Janice)

Oh my god! Wheeler joined the Friends cast to reveal that Janice’s famous laugh “was just born in the moment,” explaining, “Matthew Perry is so funny, and the minute I set eyes on him and he opened his mouth I thought, ‘Oh god I’m gonna lose it, I’m gonna crack up. This character needs a laugh, because I’m not gonna be able to get through a single scene with this guy.’”

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James Michael Tyler (Gunther)

Appearing via Zoom, Tyler called his stint as platinum-haired Gunther the “most memorable 10 years” of his life. “I could not have imagined a better experience,” he said. “All these guys were fantastic. It was just a joy to work with them. I felt very, very special.”

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Elliott Gould & Christina Pickles (Jack & Judy Geller)

After host James Corden slyly called on the pair who played Ross and Monica’s parents from the audience, Gould and Pickles took the opportunity to recall how “awfully nice” the cast was, adding that they often felt like they were their real parents.

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Larry Hankin (Mr. Heckles)

During the reunion’s cast trivia game, Courteney Cox, Jennifer Aniston, and Lisa Kudrow were asked to name this voice saying, “That’s my monkey.” The women got close, guessing Mr. Hinkle and Mr. Winkles, before Hankin bust into the apartment in character demanding “a cat and a waffle.”

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Thomas Lennon (“Joey’s Hand Twin”)

Ahead of his trivia game reunion cameo, Lennon told E! that people still recognize him as “Joey’s hand twin” from Season 5. “I’ve been in like 100 other movies but not one cares,” he joked. “Just the Friends stuff.”