How To Have A Drama-Free Mercury Retrograde

Deal with mental mix-ups and communication clashes like a pro.


Welcome to Mercury retrograde spring 2021, which runs until June 22. Mercury is the planet of communication, thinking, timing, and more, so when it retrogrades, it mixes things up in these areas. But by taking some basic precautions, you can avoid the worst of the drama.


DO: Be Clear In Communication

This retrograde takes place in air sign Gemini, which specifically rules communication — so misunderstandings will likely run rampant. Think before you speak now and be extra thorough in getting your point across.


DON’T: Share Info Without A Source

Mercury is the planet of information, so this retrograde could easily cause us to confuse fact with fiction. Avoid sharing anything — whether it's an article on Twitter or a hot piece of gossip — without verifying that there's truth to the story.


DO: Steer Clear Of Rumors

Drama in our social lives might be hard to avoid now, given that Mercury retrograde in Gemini is so socially-focused. But by staying away from gossip and avoiding feeding the rumor mill with speculation, you can circumvent complications within your crew.

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DON’T: Try To Do A Million Things At Once

Gemini energy loves to multitask, but we're better off focusing on one thing at a time during this retrograde. Avoid overly jam-packing your schedule, as this can be overwhelming or cause us to overlook important details that set us back.

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DO: Stay On Top Of Your Schedule

Mercury rules logistics, which includes transportation and timing — so getting around during the retrograde could be a headache. Double check appointment times and leave room in your schedule for unexpected delays, traffic jams, or crossed wires.


DON’T: Hit Send Without Re-Reading First

Communication is an issue during this retrograde, but it'll be even more confusing when it comes to written correspondence. Review all your texts, emails, and social media posts before firing them off to avoid embarrassing typos.


DO: Be Patient

There's no way around it: Mercury retrograde brings delays. Try to be patient— whether it's about a work project or a contract that needs to be signed — and use this time to review and reassess. Embrace the slowdown, as things will speed up once the retrograde ends.

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