10 Celebrities With The Cutest Food Tattoos

Including Miley's famous avocado.

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Celebrities have all sorts of tattoos, from images of their pets to micro-symbols. Another common theme? Food. Several stars — including Miley Cyrus and Harry Styles — have food-related ink. Whether it's a smiling strawberry or an avocado, celebrities with food tattoos prove that it's a trend.

Ashley Benson/Instagram

Ashley Benson's milkshake tattoo is retro and adorable, but it's also not her only food-themed bit of ink — she also has "pommes frites" on her other forearm.

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Like Benson, designer Marc Jacobs has more than one food tattoo. There's a red M&M on his upper arm, and a pink-sprinkled donut that circles his elbow.

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Miley Cyrus' avocado tattoo is arguably one of her most well-known bits of ink and sits on the back of her upper arm in all of its fruity glory.

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Speaking of fruit, Katy Perry has a strawberry on the inside of her foot, and unlike the others' more realistic food ink, this berry has been personified with a smiley face.

Cara Delevingne's bacon tattoo isn't actually a strip of the breakfast food but the word itself. Though it's more abstract take on the trend, it still counts.

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Harry Styles has plenty of tattoos, but one happens to be a gem cookie. The design is said to be in honor of his sister Gemma.

Like Styles, Lea Michelle also has a food tattoo that honors a family member. There's a small cup of coffee on her finger in honor of her grandmother, who gave the star her very first cup.

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Ed Sheeran famously has a tattoo of the Heinz ketchup label on his inner arm. This is because the brand actually worked with the singer to create his very own $1,800 (yes, really) bottle.

This second photo of Miley Cyrus makes the list because her ex Liam Hemsworth has the same ink on his ankle. It's of Vegemite, the signature Aussie spread.

Turns out Louis Tomlinson and Harry Styles have more in common than just One Direction. Tomlinson also has a mini food tattoo: a steaming cup of tea.