Miley Shows Her Love For Avocados With A Tattoo

As a happy hippie, Miley’s basically free to do whatever she wants, and that's exactly what she does! Miley Cyrus got a tattoo of an avocado on her arm, and I think it’s really cool/don’t know that I’d ever do it myself. I love avocados as much as the next girl, but I’d much rather have free quac than a tattoo, you know what I mean?

You’ve got to love her carefree attitude, though. Miley basically just said “avoca-DGAF” and got a tattoo of one of her favorite food groups (it is it’s own separate food group, right?). So, if you thought that you were super into avocados, well, you were wrong, obviously. Because this hippie went and out-played us all!

And I’m going to let her have this one. I don’t care for the green goodness enough to have it inked on my body. But, I wouldn’t mind showing my appreciation for it in other ways like: eating a ton of it and say, wearing it on a t-shirt, perhaps?

For all of the avocado lovers out there who maybe aren’t as committed as Miley, why don’t you just start with a fashion item to show how much you really care, huh? That sounds much less… permanent. Just what I was looking for!

But before we get started with items for the wimps like me, behold:

Bow down to the Avocado Queen.

Here’s a little something for the rest of us:

1. Cozy In Avocado


2. Avo-Cardio Tank


3. Free Quac Sweatshirt


4. Quacward Tee


5. Shut Your Quacahole Tee


Anyone else craving guacamole right now?

Images: Courtesy Brands