12 Halloween-Themed Manicures That Were Made For Spooky Season

From ghosts to spider webs.


It wasn’t easy to narrow down the best Halloween nails for 2021, but it had to be done. From decadent candy corn nail art to French tips adorned with spooky spider webs, here are 12 manicures that are scary gorgeous.

Spider Web Nails

French mani, but make it Halloween. This classic style can go with any costume. Opt for black French tips instead of a classic white, and then layer a spider web design on top for a really chic look.

Glossy Bat Signals

Elevate a classic black manicure by choosing a sleek matte finish. For the ultimate Halloween vibe, place a shiny black bat decal on each finger. It creates an interesting yet subtle contrast that really lets the design stand out.

Witch Nails

To create a dark and mysterious vibe like Vanessa Hudgens’ manicure, stick to dark colors like black and deep purple. Celeb nail pro Thuy Nguyen added white decals of spider webs, moon, and stars — the perfect finishing touches.

Moody Moon Nails

If I were a witch, this is definitely the nail art I’d wear when casting spells. This mesmerizing mix of black ombre and gold decals is just so magical (and can easily been worn even after Halloween ends).

Vampire Bite Nails

When it comes to gore-inspired nail art, less is more IMO. Against a matte neutral polish color, minimal blood drip designs on each nail still give off a vampire effect without going too graphic.

Orange Ombre Nails

Nail artist Erica Hipp created this Halloween design for nail brand Pear Nova using Festival Fever, Kissu Miss You, Thick Dip and What Not, and Absorb in a gradient mix of black, purple, red, and orange for a really striking and dynamic nail design.

Negative Space Ghost Nails

If Casper taught you anything, it’s that not all ghosts are scary. But if you need more proof, just look at this super adorable design. White ghosts against a bare nail are a simple way to be festive without causing any scares.

Candy Corn Nails

Sure, it’s probably the most divisive Halloween candy. But whatever your personal feelings are, it’s safe to say these candy corn-inspired nails will be a universal hit. From the design to all the holographic sparkle, you can’t go wrong.

The Nightmare Before Christmas Nails

Pay homage to the classic Tim Burton film with this super cool nail art. Mix black, white, and lime green with a decal of Jack Skellington and Oogie Boogie for one of the most classic Halloween nail art looks out there.

Picasso Nail Art

If you want a mani that’s less obviously Halloween-themed but still fit for the occasion, go this route. This minimal design has costume vibes (especially if you follow nail artist Hang Nguyen’s lead and go all out with your makeup) and is super artistic.

Halloween-Themed Velvet Nails

Velvet nails are hypnotizing on their own. This nail look adds a boo-tiful twist by swirling in the silver velvet with bright orange on the base. Small, precisely-painted bat and star designs are an awesome addition.

Stitch Nail Art

Mix up stitch designs, blingy jewels, and black and orange shades for a Halloween confection that’s just spot-on for spooky season.