10 Mesmerizing TikTok Makeup Tutorials For Halloween Inspo

Consider your costume secured.

by Hilary Shepherd
Halloween makeup made easy: These TikTok beauty tutorials will help you complete your costume.
MilosBataveljic/E+/Getty Images

Need a Halloween makeup look that's easy? You’re in luck: TikTok has tons of beginner-friendly beauty tutorials to help you nail a fun (or frightening) look.

With October 31 only a little over two weeks away, there’s no better time to start thinking about your costume. And whether you plan to pass out candy to neighborhood kids, queue up several episodes of a dystopian drama (like the extremely binge-worthy Squid Game, perhaps), or hit up a party IRL or over Zoom, there’s no shortage of Halloween makeup that’s easy to recreate without a million different products.

While you can always opt for something classic and simple using household items, or simply throw a pumpkin over your head à la Megan Thee Stallion, consider taking your Halloween 2021 look to the next level and transforming yourself into someone popular and recognizable from a TV show, movie, book, or pop culture phenomenon. From deeply creepy (Pennywise the Dancing Clown from It) to fun (ahem, all the Euphoria characters) to nostalgic (think Winifred Sanderson from Hocus Pocus or Maleficent from Snow White), there’s truly a costume for every #mood this season.

With the help of these tutorials, Halloween makeup can be easy. Here are 10 looks to copy ASAP.


Winifred Sanderson

Because this iconic Hocus Pocus character’s uniquely shaped red lips (and curly red hair) were on full display, you can keep the rest of your face muted, including your eyebrows. Fiery red, claw-like talons really tie the whole costume together.


The Grinch

You’ll need several shades of green makeup for this Grinch look (plus a green wig if you really want to go the extra mile). Spidery, false lashes and sparkly green eyeshadow make for a pretty spin on an otherwise spooky look inspired by the classic Dr. Seuss book.


Sally Stitches

Body and face paint in several different colors (but mainly light blue) will elevate this Sally-from The Nightmare Before Christmas costume. A fiery orange wig and stitch designs throughout really help to resemble the humanoid rag doll from the eery Tim Burton film.


Pennywise the Dancing Clown

Use caution when copying this Pennywise tutorial, as you might scare children (or even yourself in the mirror). Opt for stark white face paint, a Pennywise wig (if you can find one at your local costume store), and red and black clown makeup are essentials, while yellow contact lenses and fake, fang-life teeth will up the ante.


Cheshire Cat

Coat your face in pink face makeup using a makeup sponge for this Cheshire Cat look, making sure to draw tabby cat stripes in darker pink around your face. Draw an exaggerated mouth in thin black eyeliner, painting the teeth white and filling the spaces in black.


Jessica Rabbit

To transform into Jessica Rabbit, this creator first made her eyebrows disappear to make for an exaggerated cut crease. She then used a small paintbrush to create Rabbit’s tall, triangular eyelids, filling them in with purple glittery shadow. A red wig, red eyebrows, and red lips topped the sultry look off.



To get Maleficent’s evil horns, wrap your hair in foil, like this user, and then cover it in black tape (you can also create her sharp widow’s peak with the black tape, too). Create the evil fairy’s horns using the foil, then wrap those in black tape. Secure to the head using black tape.



This TikToker’s spin on Belle from Beauty and the Beast is so stunning. Coat the eyelids in warm, yellow eyeshadow, then put bits of sparkle in the middle and false lashes. Use foundation and add heavy contouring before covering the lips in a brown gloss. Curl strands and put them in a half-up, half-down style like the Disney character.


Cassie from Euphoria

There were so many good beauty moments in Euphoria’s inaugural season, but anything involving rhinestones was especially memorable. Case in point: Cassie’s blue iceskating look. Swipe shimmery turquoise shades on your eyelids, then add Swarovski crystals along the crease (and extended outward to form a cat eye outline), and all over the face.


Pop Art Character

A Roy Lichtenstein-inspired Pop art makeup look might seem daunting to execute, but with some solid makeup pencils in different colors and small brushes — plus this user’s steps — it can totally be done. Jameela Jamil is also a fan.