11 Of Harry Styles’ Most Iconic Tattoos

And the meaning behind some of his most famous designs.

11 of Harry Styles' most iconic tattoos his fans know and love.
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Harry Styles is a fashion trailblazer. After swooning over his outfit — complete with a feather boa — at the 2021 Grammys, you probably noticed his signature chest ink. Although he has more than 50 all over his body, here are Harry Styles’ most iconic tattoos.

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The Cross

One of Styles’ most simple tattoos is a small cross inked on his left hand, which he’s had since his One Direction days.

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17 Black Tattoo

Styles’ 17 Black tattoo, which is on his left clavicle, was done by artist Kevin Paul. Though fans have done much speculating over the idea behind the ink, Paul told GQ that Styles got it to symbolize money he lost on 17 black while gambling years ago.

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The Two Birds

Who doesn’t love reminiscing back to those glorious One Direction days? Some of Styles’ first tattoos appeared way back in 2012, the year he told Us Weekly about his two birds — which are swallows — to symbolize his love of travel.

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The Butterfly

Fans know that one of Styles’ most iconic tattoos is the butterfly on his torso. At Capital’s Jingle Bell Ball in 2019, he really showed it off in his half-open shimmery set. He and the tatt go way back — he got it in 2013.

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The Years

If you look closely underneath his sheer 2019 Met Gala ensemble, Styles has the years “1956” and “1967” inked on both of his collarbones. The meaning behind these dates is really sweet: They’re the birth years of his parents.

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The Skeleton

Styles has had this funky tattoo of a skeleton dressed in a suit and fedora since 2013. It’s a design he reportedly got just before Halloween.

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The Family Tribute

If you look closely, you can see a cursive “Jackson” inked on Styles’ forearm. IRL Jackson is Harry Styles’ godson, so the delicate tattoo is another family tribute. (Swoon.)

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The Anchor

Styles’ anchor tattoo is another one of his most well-known pieces of body art. Reportedly, he got it to cover up an old tattoo that said “I can’t change.”

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The Arm Trio

Styles has three signature tattoos along his left arm: a heart, an alcohol bottle (with the words “you booze you lose,” and the Holy Bible. The heart and booze are by artist Liam Sparkles, and the Bible covers a former tattoo that said “Things I can’t.”

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The Ship & The Rose

Styles has a large rose design on his arm underneath a tattoo of a ship — both of which he got between 2012 and 2013, around the time he dated Taylor Swift.

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