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8 ‘Ugly’ Fashion Trends Jennifer Lopez Made Chic

So many hats.

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There’s an unspoken rule in fashion: If Jennifer Lopez wears it, it’s cool. Whether at the Met Gala, the Super Bowl, or a stroll with Ben Affleck, she knows how to turn a look. Ahead, look back over the ‘ugly’ trends J.Lo has made stylish.

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All-Over Tropical Print

Reminiscent of the Versace dress J.Lo made famous in 2000, J.Lo wore palm print on her shirt, skirt, bag, and boots. No one else could pull this off.
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Leather Chaps

Lopez wore these studded leather chaps at the 2020 Super Bowl. With the studded vest, this ‘fit should be too much, but she rocked it.
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Head-To-Toe Tie-Dye

Tie-dye sweatsuits were over — until J.Lo stepped out in this one. Now, I officially want one.
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A Floor-Length Cardigan

This fringed maxi cardigan is straight out of the early aughts — and I’m actually super into it.
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This Look, Specifically

At the 2021 Met Gala, J.Lo’s ensemble included a feather shawl and a wide-brim hat. Somehow the singer/actress still worked it.
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A Super-Tall Hat

This ten gallon hat gave J.Lo an extra half a foot in height. With her Birkin bag, it’s an undeniable vibe.
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A Newsboy Cap

A cap with a lace veil is a surprising, but stylish look — especially, since she typically wears her hair down.
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Jennifer Lopez wore white jeans and flip flops, so I bought white jeans and flip flops (Mean Girls reference).