13 Nail Art Ideas Inspired By Every Song On Taylor Swift's 'Midnights'

Best believe I’m still bejeweled.

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Tommaso Boddi/WireImage/Getty Images

Inspired by 13 sleepless nights, each song on Taylor Swift’s album Midnights tells a vibrant story, transporting you to a certain time and place. And with countless awards (already) and singles that have gone viral, it just made sense to gather nail art to match each track.

Track 01: Lavender Haze

These lavender marble tips are all things soft and dreamy.

Track 02: Maroon

Wine-hued tips are best paired with wild nights spent making memories in the big city.

Track 03: Anti-Hero

Swift candidly speaks on depression and more in this track — and this unique flowery French nail art embodies finding beauty in the darkness.

Track 04: Snow on the Beach

Oceanic pearls meet icy snowflakes in this impossibly stunning set that will take you through the winter season.

Track 05: You’re on Your Own, Kid

Inspired by the lyrics “I picked the petals, he loves me not,” these dried petal tips are stuck in time, and an ode to yearning for young love.

Track 06: Midnight Rain

For when you’re feeling dark and stormy, a few swipes of Mooncat’s Millennia magnetic lacquer looks like a rainy midnight sky.

Track 07: Question...?

Swift has reached a new level of vulnerability and transparency with this record — and this sheer mani (also) bares it all, with a uniquely minimal twist.

Track 08: Vigilante Sh*t

In the mood for a bit of revenge? This sharper than sharp silver chrome set may be a good start ...

Track 09: Bejeweled

Go for some serious glamour with bejeweled stiletto nails that make a statement (like this stunning set à la JLo).

Track 10: Labyrinth

Falling in love is wild, unexpected, beautiful ... and these optical illusion French nails are too.

Track 11: Karma

Keep your karma clean and aura sweet like honey with some on-trend aura nails.

Track 12: Sweet Nothing

The world can be soul deconstructing (as Taylor puts it) — and this track is a love letter to those who make you feel safe with their simple loving words.

Track 13: Mastermind

For those who choose to write their own happily ever after ... This fresh take on some ‘red nail theory’ nails may be your secret key to love.