Aura Nails Are The Coolest Mani Trend RN

Bring on the color.

Every time I scroll through my Pinterest or Instagram feed, I’m met with countless nail art designs that I want to copy ASAP. One that’s stood out recently is aura nails, which are what you’d guess: An aura is used in spiritual beliefs and is a collection of colors meant to represent the energy field emitted by a living thing. Translated into the manicure world, aura nail art is meant to mimic what an aura image looks like — and it looks really cool.

Nail artist Daron Wood says the design features asymmetrical circular blobs of different colors that fade into another shade at the center. The nail trend is primarily achieved using an airbrush technique, she explains, though it can also be done using gel polish and a sponge or blooming gel. It’s a colorful look Wood says she’s seen rising in popularity within the past couple of years.

Her take? “I think they’ve become popular because of the rise of nail artists that are getting into airbrushing,” she tells Bustle. “The design requires no stencils and can be done with any colors, so it’s easy for beginners.”

While certainly eye-catching on their own, aura nails can be used as a mere base for a more intricate manicure. “I’ve seen people incorporating the technique into other designs, using it as a background for other designs, or adding chrome elements, which makes it look more advanced,” says Wood.

Go with the colors of your aura (after getting a reading, of course), or take inspo from these Insta-worthy aura nails below.


Mixed Auras

If you want to go for the classic aura nails, try a neutral base with different aura colors on each fingertip. Combine both cool and warm tones for even more of a pop.


Chrome Details

Combine two trends into one by adding chrome detailing to your aura nail art.



Add some texture to your aura nail art by including some fun metallic decals — opt for a different one on each nail to keep things interesting.


Peachy Tones

Even if you stick within the same color palette for your aura design, it’ll be a head-turning look. Maybe add a hint of sparkle for some flare.


Fall Aura

For the fall, try a more neutral green and brown set.


3D Aura Nails

Transform your aura mani into a 3D set. These spiky nails feature rhinestones for even more drama.


Polka Dotted

You could also add dotted lines down the center of the aura design for more of a maximalist feel.



If you don’t like too much shine, try out the aura design with a matte finish.


French Tips

For a more subtle aura design, add light auras to classic French tips.


Short Nails

The aura design isn’t reserved for extra long tips — try the trend on short nails for the same gorgeous effect.


Vampy Vibes

Channel your inner goth by rocking the aura design with black nail polish blended into gray.


Twinkling Aura

Adding twinkling stars over your aura design makes for a sky-inspired mani that’s totally gorgeous.