7 Elliptical Workouts Trainers Love

Running up that hill.



A great workout on an elliptical just takes a little extra intention, says kuudose trainer Joey Thurman. He suggests focusing on the push-pull motion of the handles, and also adding extra resistance to make the most of your workout. Here are seven routines to try.


25 Minutes

- Start at level 5 resistance for five minutes.

- Increase resistance as high as you can. Go as fast as you can, 30 seconds.

- Lower resistance by 50%. Pedal one minute.

- Go back up for 30 seconds.

- Rest one minute.

- Repeat pattern for 25 minutes.



Trainer Jake Dickson recommends mixing up which way you pedal to challenge your balance and coordination.

- Start at a medium pace, five minute warm-up.

- Continue pace, pedal two minutes forward.

- Switch, pedal for two minutes backwards.

- Repeat 10 times.



Per trainer Andy Stern, this low-impact HIIT elliptical workout targets your arms, legs, and core.

- Pedal hard for 60 seconds.

- Recover two mins at moderate pace, catch your breath.

- Go hard for 60 seconds.

- Repeat eight times.

- Push yourself as hard as you can, 60 seconds.

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From Club Sweat trainer Lauren Memoli:

- Once warmed up, bring resistance to 14. Pedal one minute.

- Drop down to six, drive up RPMs to sprint for 30 seconds.

- Utilize arms to pull on poles to work upper body.

- Repeat pattern two to three times.

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10-Minute Workout

This workout, from trainer Heather Carroll, will keep you distracted as you count off increments.

- Comfy pace for two minutes.

- Resistance up by two, 45 seconds.

  • Back to base, 30 seconds. Up two, 60 seconds.

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10-Minute Workout, Continued

- Down two, 30 seconds. Up three for 45, down one for 20.

- Up one for 30. Up twice more, 30 seconds each.

- Down three for 30 seconds. Up four for 60 seconds.

- Down two for 30, then repeat.

- Cool down for two minutes.

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Trainer John Gardner says “on" period is 90% max effort. Alternate pedaling forward and back.

- Level 10: 20 seconds on, 10 slow for four minutes. Rest.

- Level 12: 20 seconds on, 10 slow for four minutes. Rest, then repeat.

- Level 8: 20 seconds on, 10 slow for four minutes.


Cool Down

Don’t forget the cool down portion of your workout. Here’s what Thurman recommends.

- Lower the intensity level on the elliptical to comfortable, slower speed.

- Pedal for five minutes.

- Use this time to allow your breathing and heart rate to return to normal.