HIIT Workout Benefits That'll Convince You To Try It

Time to HIIT the gym.

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The nine benefits of HIIT workouts.


What Is HIIT?

High-intensity interval training alternates bursts of all-out exercise with short recoveries, so though it's definitely challenging, you get plenty of sweaty bang for your buck — and there are a number of HIIT workout benefits, says certified trainer Donna Walker.

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It's Versatile

"You can apply HIIT timing to lots of workouts, like weight training, bodyweight exercises, and cardio," says Walker. Certified trainer Anthony Crouchelli tells Bustle you can incorporate HIIT-style intervals to practically any workout (like boxing or spinning).


No Equipment Necessary

If you're stuck at home, HIIT makes for an easy DIY workout, says Walker. All you need is a timer to track cardio intervals or bursts of bodyweight exercises like burpees or jump squats to get your sweat on.


It Builds Endurance

Those rapid-fire bursts of exercise drive your heart rate up fast, says Crouchelli. Research shows this trains your heart to pump more efficiently and boosts your endurance (which translates to your other workouts, too).


It Improves Circulation

Getting your heart pumping circulates blood and oxygen throughout your body more efficiently, says Walker. That extra blood flow can help boost your energy, lower blood pressure, and — as an added perk — even nourish your skin.


It Helps You Think Clearly

Better circulation also means extra blood and oxygen in your brain, says Walker, which can boost your memory and help you feel alert, refreshed, and focused.


It Boosts Immunity

HIIT can strengthen your immune system by pumping your body's disease-fighting cells more efficiently through your body, says Walker. "Exercise can also cause healthy inflammation, which helps promote immunity," she says.


It Relieves Stress

Exercise of all kinds releases feel-good chemicals into your body, and HIIT is no exception. The endorphin rush you get after the workout can reduce stress and boost your mood, says Walker.

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It Builds Mental Strength

HIIT is hard and fast, says Crouchelli, which can train you to work through adverse situations. You'll finish your workout feeling strong and proud, and with the knowledge that you can face a challenge.


It's Time-Effective

Research shows that you can soak in the benefits of exercise in less time with HIIT (like 15 minutes, BTW), though Walker notes that the key is to be pushing to your max to make the most out of a quickie workout sesh.

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