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The Ultimate Guide To Quarantine Dating Lingo

From artificial cuffing season to zumping.

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At the start of 2020, you probably never thought you'd be drinking "quarantinis" while "sexually isolating" or getting "zumped" after a "turbo relationship." But here we are. In fact, so many hilarious dating terms have been created during quarantine that we deemed a dictionary necessary.


Zoom Date

(zum deɪt) noun

A video chat get-together that starts off with a lot of technical difficulties but (hopefully) ends with you and another person having a great conversation from afar.

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Virtual One Night Stand

(vur-tu-al wan nait stand) noun

When you hook up with someone and then never make plans to see each other again, only now it’s happening online and includes a lot more sexting.

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(mah-ch kjut) noun

The adorable story of how you met your partner. But instead of bumping into each other in a coffee shop or bookstore, you see their profile on a dating app and instantly know it’s meant to be.

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Coronavirus Boyfriend

(kuh-row-nah-vye-rus boyfrend) noun

Someone you met before quarantine and have since decided to reach out to because you’re bored. You probably wouldn’t be interested in them under normal circumstances, but for now, it feels so right.

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Corona Bae

(kuh-row-nah bay) noun

A person you met on a dating app while in quarantine and can’t wait to see IRL.

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(kuh-row-nah zohnd) noun

The pandemic version of friend-zoning. You enjoy talking to someone but have zero intention of ever taking your relationship to the next level.

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Sexually Isolating

(sek-shuh-aly eye-suh-lay-ting) verb

The noble task of abstaining from sex during quarantine, so as not to catch or pass on corona.


Quarantine & Chill

(kwor-en-teen en chill) noun

The quarantine edition of inviting someone over to “watch Netflix” so you can hook up, but then they stay for an extended period of time because of social distancing.


Artificial Cuffing Season

(arh-ta-fish-uhl cuf-fing see-sun) noun

Corona’s artificial cuffing season, largely fueled by anxiety, loneliness, and the desire to find a partner ASAP so you don’t have to face the pandemic alone.

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Corona Clinger

(kuh-row-nah kling-urr) noun

Someone who likes you just enough to be in a relationship during quarantine, texts you 24/7 (because they have nothing better to do), but doesn't plan on sticking around once the world reopens.


Turbo Relationship

(tuhr-bow re-lay-sheun-ship) noun

A relationship that occurs at warp speed during quarantine. A couple who meet, fall in love, and move in together within the space of a few months.

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(co-vid-deh-vors) verb

When you want to break up with your partner or get a “covid-divorce” during quarantine because you’re stressed and getting on each other’s nerves.

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(zump-ɪŋ) verb

The act of dumping someone on Zoom or any other video chat service.



(kwor-en-teen-ee) noun

A portmanteau of “quarantine” and “martini,” it refers to any and all alcoholic beverages you consume while social distancing.

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(poʊst-row-nah) adjective

Life after quarantine when you can go out, be social, and jump back into the dating pool. It’s something you might talk about with your corona crush; all the things you’ll do together when you can finally meet up in person “post-rona.”

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Post-Quarantine Date

(poʊst-kwor-en-teen deit) adjective

The first date you go on with someone you met on a dating app while social distancing.