9 Strength Training Workouts You Can Do Without Any Equipment

No dumbbells? No problem.

9 strength training workouts without equipment, as recommended by trainers.
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Lifting weights isn’t the only way to build your muscles. There are countless strength training workouts without equipment you could do instead, which use moves like bridges, lunges, and squats to make you stronger. Here, nine workouts to try — no fitness tools necessary.

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Alternating Sets

Trainer Katelyn Barrons suggests these moves to build strength.

- Glute bridges + eccentric push-ups, 8x.

- Split squats + bear plank with shoulder taps, 20x.

- Squat to jump squat + reverse crunch, 10x.

Alternate between each exercise for 3 sets.

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Ab Work

Pilates pro Gia Calhoun says these ignite the core.

- Pilates 100s. On back, lift legs, pump arms, 100x.

- High plank, hold 30 seconds.

- Side plank on forearm, 30 secs per side.

- Scissor kicks. On back, lift legs, pull alternating leg to face, 1 min.

Repeat 3x.

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Sweat Sesh

Pilates pro Jennifer McCamish’s go-to moves:

- Deep squat, 10x. Pulse at 10th.

- Squat + side leg lift. Hold last and pulse leg 10x.

- Lunge, lift back leg, 10x.

- Wide push-up, 10x.

- Ab curl-up, 15x.

- Pilates 100s.

- Plank, hold 10 seconds.

- Back extension, 10x.

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Full Body

From Alayna Curry:

- Floor tap squats.

- Hands on wall, legs back, lean in so elbows touch wall (feel it in triceps).

- Plank + downward dog.

- Arms outstretched, curl in, touch shoulders. Keep arms chest height.

- Romanian deadlifts.

40 secs on, 20 secs off, 3x.

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Advanced Workout

For a challenge, try this workout from trainer Thomas Roe.

- Walking lunges, 20 exaggerated steps.

- Single leg step-ups (on 15” stairs), 25x each leg.

- Yoga push-ups, shoulders above wrists, lower nose 1-inch above mat, 25x.

- Hold high plank, 90 seconds.

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Core & Glutes

Coach Lauren Sheu says strength training — like this sesh — can help you in other forms of fitness, like running.

- Forearm plank, 30 seconds.

- Glute bridges, 10 to 15 lifts.

- Russian twists, 15x.

Repeat circuit 3x.

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Cardio Boost

Trainer Kim Abbage Hart says this workout hits glutes, quads, triceps, biceps, and shoulders — and the burpees add some cardio.

- Frog jumps (squat, jump forward), 15 reps.

- Burpees, 10 reps.

- Mountain climbers, 40 reps.

- Air squats, 20 reps.

- Push-ups, 15 reps.

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Dance Workout

Trainer Danielle Gray recommends warming up before this workout.

- Inchworms + push up, 10x.

- Forward lunge & backward lunge, 10x.

- Glute bridges, 10x.

- Single leg V-ups, 10x.

- Superman lifts, 10x.

- Alternating curtsy lunges, 10x.

- Squat jumps, 10x.

Finish by stretching.

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30-Minute Workout

Instructor Amanda Jenny says to do each move for 1 minute.

- Squats.

- Alternating reverse lunges.

- Side-lying leg lifts. Repeat on other side.

- Push-ups.

- Forearm plank hold.

- Reverse crunches.

- Ab roll-ups.

- Bicycle crunches.

- Tricep dips.

Repeat 3x.

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