9 Weightlifting Workouts To Try ASAP

Grab your dumbbells.

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Being able to lift weights does more than sculpt muscles: Glo instructor Ridge Davis says it helps increase your strength so that you more easily slay other fitness-related activities, too. Oh, and it’s great for stress relief. Here, 9 weightlifting workouts to try.

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Davis’ Circuit

- 15 squats with dumbbells on shoulders.

- 15 deadlifts: With weights at sides, bend hips until torso is parallel to ground and weights are in front of ankles. Push hips to stand.

- 10 rows: Lean forward, bend knees. Pull weights to torso.

- 10 shoulder presses.

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Nicole Nahed’s Lower Body Workout

Want to focus on your hamstrings, glutes, and calves? Grab two dumbbells and give this circuit a try.

- 20 bridges with weight on lap.

- 12 squats with weights at sides.

- 12 lunges with weights at sides.

- 12 deadlifts while holding dumbells.

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Nahed’s Upper Body Workout

This routine zeroes in on the arms, shoulders, chest, and back muscles.

- 12 single-arm bicep curls on each side.

- 12 tricep extensions on each side.

- 12 shoulder presses.

- 12 chest presses.

- 12 bent-over rows.

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Full-Body Routine

Trainer Alex Robles suggests these multitasking strength moves:

- 10 thrusters to train quads and core.

- 10 Romanian deadlifts to hit the glutes and back.

- 10 renegade rows for back and biceps strength.

- 10 floor presses to hit shoulders, back, and triceps.

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Trainer Jody Braverman’s Routine

Warm-up with 60 seconds of jumping jacks and high knees, then repeat this circuit 3x while holding weights.

- 10 single-leg deadlifts on each side.

- 10 jump squats.

- 20 walking lunges.

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Vanessa Liu’s Kettlebell Core

- Around the world: Pull bell around core, 1 min. Reverse, 1 min.

- Dead bug: Hold bell above chest. Extend one leg. Alternate. 3 sets, 10 reps.

- High plank: Place bell on left side. Grab with right hand, bring to right. Switch. 3 sets, 10 reps.

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Daniel Richter's Barbell Workout

- 5 barbell rows with overhand grip.

- 5 power cleans, lifting bar from knee height.

- 5 squats with bar in front of shoulders.

- 5 shoulder presses: push bar straight up.

- 5 squats with bar behind head.

- 5 good mornings with bar on upper back.

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Corey Lewis’ Weights + Cardio

Do 4 sets of 15 reps each for strength training and a cardio boost.

- Planks with exercise ball under thighs.

- Hip thrusts. Hold at top before lowering down.

- Dumbbell incline press. Set bench at 45-degree angle.

- Weighted jump squats.

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Coach Jesse Milburn’s Circuit

Do 3 to 4 rounds:

- 12 barbell bench presses.

- 12 barbell rows: Lean over, pull bar to chest.

- 15 overhead barbell presses: Push up, get biceps by your ears.

- 15 push-ups with hips elevated.

- 15 bent over rear flyes: Lift weights out to sides.