Before Bullet Train, Revisit These Brad Pitt Fight Club Premiere Photos From 1999

He was dating Jennifer Aniston and getting high with Edward Norton.



In Bullet Train, Brad Pitt worked with director David Leitch — his stunt double from 1999’s Fight Club. “Now, he’s a director with his own voice, his own vernacular, and I’m serving him. He’s the boss,” Pitt told THR. “So there was a beautiful symmetry for two old friends.”

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Another “beautiful symmetry,” of course, is the movie star’s face — which, 23 years after Fight Club, is as familiar and handsome as ever. In honor of Bullet Train’s release on Aug. 5, let’s take a look back at Pitt’s looks from the classic film’s red carpet premiere.

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Accompanying Pitt to the Fight Club premiere was, of course, Jennifer Aniston — the Friends star with whom he’d recently confirmed his relationship. A month after the film’s October premiere, the iconic couple revealed they were engaged, Empire reported at the time.

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Obviously a big fan of the film — or maybe just super inspired by her beau’s role in it — Aniston even spoofed Fight Club during her Saturday Night Live hosting gig that fall, getting into a fight with Molly Shannon in the middle of her monologue.

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As it turns out, Aniston wasn’t just on the red carpet in the supportive girlfriend role — but apparently as Pitt’s personal hairstylist, too. Well, sort of. According to E!, she actually shaved Pitt’s head for his role as Tyler Durden in the film.

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Pitt wore a suit to the 1999 premiere — but off the red carpet, he was slipping into dresses for a Rolling Stone cover shoot. 23 years later, he would sport a linen skirt set for the Berlin premiere of Bullet Train. “We’re all going to die, so let’s mess it up,” he told Variety.

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A month before Fight Club had its domestic red carpet premiere, it debuted at Venice Film Festival — where Pitt and Edward Norton got high. “We had the best screening ever ... for some reason we thought it would be a good idea to smoke a joint before,” he told Marc Maron in 2020.

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“The movie starts, first joke comes up, and it’s just crickets,” Pitt said. “It’s dead silence. And another joke, and it’s just dead silent … this thing is just not translating. The more it happened, the funnier it got to Edward and I. So we just start laughing.”