Your Guide To Embracing The August Full Moon

Celebrate your inner weirdo this month.

The August 2022 full moon arrives on Aug. 11.
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The August 2022 full moon crests the skies on Aug. 11 in unconventional Aquarius. This month, the quirky air sign encourages us to break free from old ways and let our freak flags fly. Embrace your authenticity with these dos and don’ts.

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DO: Finish Passion Projects

Full moon energy is great for finishing projects. With the passionate Aquarius full moon supercharging fierce Leo vibes, it’s time to put final touches on your new art piece or launch a professional venture.

DON’T: Isolate From Others

Despite being the sign that rules friendships, Aquarius is often the lone wolf of the zodiac. But rather than retreat from others this month, connect in your community. Organize an outing with your besties.

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DO: Nurture Relationships

Venus, the planet of all things love and affection, enters sultry Leo in August, making this steamy lunation ripe for romance. The flirtatious transit could give you confidence to make the first move.

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DON’T: Ignore Emotions

Full moons heighten our feelings, so things could feel extra sensitive around Aug. 11, especially since la Luna is in analytical Aquarius. Allow yourself to feel your emotions without intellectualizing them.

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DO: Evaluate Friendships

Camaraderie is important to Aquarius, and this lunation is a great time to reflect on relationships. How have they helped you grow? If there are toxic friends in your circle, now’s the time to let them go.

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DON’T: Hold On To Negativity

Full moons are an ideal time to release things. Use la Luna’s power in rebellious Aquarius to reflect on the energy around you and adopt new habits that align with your higher self.

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DO: Embrace Your Inner Weirdo

Between Leo season boosting our confidence and eccentric Aquarius encouraging us to stay true to ourselves, it’s the perfect occasion to celebrate your quirks.

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