How To Prepare For The Rare Blue Full Moon On Halloween

Get ready for some cosmic magic on Oct. 31.

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There's a special full moon on Oct. 31, and as the second full moon to take place this month, this Halloween lunation is also a rare "blue moon.” You'll want to make the most of this especially spooky lunar moment and make sure you’re prepared.

Chaos Is Coming

Full moons tend to bring chaos, and this one’s no exception. Scheduling mishaps and miscommunications will be at an all-time high, and the intensity of the moon is likely to heighten these sensations — so keep that in mind as you make Halloween plans.

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Stay Focused

This full moon takes place in Taurus, so it's an ideal time to focus on material matters, romance, and values. Dealing with love or money issues? Prepare for new information to come to light under this lunation that can help you find closure or reach a turning point.

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Embrace Change

During this lunation, the moon will align with Uranus, the planet of sudden change — and this can bring about unpredictable changes of heart and out-of-the-blue realizations, so don't get too attached to your comfort zone.

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Open Your Heart

With the moon in Taurus, we'll be feeling extra sensual and open to pleasure — so listen to your body and do what feels good. With unpredictable planet Uranus joining forces with the moon, it's possible we'll develop sudden feelings or meet someone unexpectedly.

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Release Heavy Energy

With two full moons, Mercury retrograde, and lots of planetary drama, October's been exhausting. Under this Halloween lunation, make a list of anything holding you back from feeling valued, and commit to letting these things go as the full moon begins to wane.

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Go With The Flow

The Halloween blue full moon will wrap things up with a grounded but excitement-filled twist of lunar fate. If we keep our minds and hearts open to new possibilities, we can make the most of this lunation and have some full moon Halloween fun.

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