6 Dos & Don'ts During The Halloween Blue Full Moon

Let's get witchy.

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As an autumn-born baby and a lover of all things creepy, Halloween is one of my favorite holidays. And this year, it's set to be extra special and astrologically significant, because the second October 2020 full moon takes place on Halloween day — making it a blue moon and an especially spook-tastic lunation. With such an intense cosmic moment taking place, you'll want to be in the know when it comes to the do's and don'ts of the Halloween 2020 blue full moon to ensure you take advantage of the powerful energy properly.

October kicks off with a full moon in Aries that will light our fires when it comes to building self-confidence and bring out tensions within relationships. But the upcoming Halloween full moon takes place in the more relaxed and grounded realm of earth sign Taurus, which is encouraging us to slow down and use our physical senses to guide our love and money goals toward a sensible climax. However, we've got some unpredictable energy being hurled in our direction via Uranus, planet of sudden change, which is forming some intense planetary aspects to both the sun and the full moon come Halloween. This energy has potential to throw a wrench in our plans, so staying flexible is a must.

Ready to summon all this spookily spectacular lunar energy and make some magic? Here's the scoop on everything you should and shouldn't do during the Halloween 2020 blue full moon.

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DO: Get Witchy & Plan A Ritual

Having a full moon on Halloween is just too cosmically witchy not to plan a fun ritual to honor the lunar cycle and get in touch with your inner magic. Additionally, Halloween shares a date with the pagan holiday Samhain, which is sometimes referred to as the "Witches' New Year." During Samhain, it's believed that the "veil" between the world of the living and the world of the dead is at its thinnest, meaning that communication with spirits of the past is most effective and encouraged. So whether you plan a virtual ritual with your coven via Zoom or just set aside some full moon solo time, a Halloween protection ritual or fun full moon tarot spread.

DON'T: Be Haphazard About Your Plans

I know it's a Halloween full moon on a Saturday night and all, but that doesn't mean we should aim for elaborate plans with a whole bunch of friends. Firstly, we are still in a pandemic, so thoughtfully making safe and social distance-friendly plans (or keeping your full moon party virtual) is a good idea. But secondly Mercury retrograde fall 2020 will be in full swing during this full moon, as will Mars retrograde 2020 — which can be a frustrating time to try to stick to a schedule or get a big plan off the ground. If you do make plans, take extra time to communicate details and safety precautions clearly and leave some wiggle room with time, as it's more likely you'll hit a timing snag or find yourself running late.

DO: Let Your Body Take Control

Because this full moon is lighting up the skies through Taurus' territory, we're going to naturally feel more grounded and in touch with our bodies, and we should try to embrace that. It's helpful to approach situations by noticing your "gut feeling" and listening to the physical sensations in your body, rather than trying to rationalize everything. Pay attention to what gets your heart rate pumping, or what makes you feel relaxed and calm. You might find that listening to your body leads you to the answers you were seeking but couldn't make sense of otherwise.

DON'T: Start Any Brand-New Projects

The energy of the full moon is more conducive to releasing rather than beginning new things — and this is especially true of this lunation in particular, given that Mercury retrograde and Mars retrograde will be raging on simultaneously. That said, avoid pouring your energy into starting something new, whether it's a business or a relationship, as it'll likely be difficult to get off the ground. Instead, focus on clearing mental and emotional space and releasing old baggage to make room for all the new adventures that will present themselves in the future.

DO: Focus On Getting Love & Money Matters Stabilized

With Taurus energy at the helm during this full moon (which is the zodiac sign ruled by love, money, and pleasure planet Venus), it's time to focus on material matters and romantic situation-ships. While the full moon energy might bring about some unpredictable circumstances in these areas, it'll also provide us a sense of clarity and could bring some revelations. Try to roll with the lunar punches and find your footing when it comes to love and money, even if things don't go according to plan.

DON'T: Get Too Attached To Your Comfort Zone

With both the sun and the full moon in fixed zodiac signs Scorpio and Taurus come Halloween, we might feel a little stubborn about the way we handle or think about things — and it could make us feel like our minds are already made up and there's no changing it. However, Uranus will have something to say about that, as it's aligning with the full moon during Halloween weekend and bringing about sudden changes of heart and mind. Acknowledge that you don't have control over everything, and be willing to step outside of your comfort zone in order to embrace the changes that life throws your way. You'll come out the other side of this lunation a lot stronger if you do.

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