Your Guide To Surviving July’s Full “Buck” Moon

Time to get a little weird!

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The July 2021 full moon on July 23 takes place in Aquarius, encouraging us to channel our inner rebel. Dare to be unique and celebrate your authenticity by following these full moon do’s and don'ts.

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What Is The Buck Moon?

This Aquarius full moon is dubbed the Buck Moon, signaling the season when male deers fully grow into their antlers. Similarly, this lunation symbolizes spiritual growth and encourages us to celebrate our wins, even if they seem small to others.

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DO: Connect With Friends

This full moon takes place in Aquarius, the sign of rebellion and social groups, signaling our reentry back into society following a raging pandemic. Take advantage of the full moon’s influence to reconnect with your crew.

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DO: Get Creative

Aquarius is all about innovation and individuality, so express yourself through your unique hobbies and interests. The moon will form a conjunction aspect with restrictive Saturn, inspiring you to take your innovative ideas to the next level.

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DON’T: Stifle Your Ideas

Mercury, the planet of communication and technology, will form a trine aspect with daydreamer extraordinaire Neptune. This positive aspect will inspire us to express our most unorthodox ideas with confidence and enthusiasm.

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DO: Give Back To Others

The July full Buck Moon is an invitation to play a compassionate and empathetic role in our communities, and Aquarius will surely empower your inner philanthropist. Get involved through charity or donating to mutual aid where possible.

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DON’T: Avoid Your Feelings

Aquarius energy may influence you to stifle your emotions, but it’s important to search for unconventional solutions to work through them — such as writing your emotions directly and then ceremoniously burying them.

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DO: Be Different

If ever there was a perfect time to let your freak flag fly, it’s definitely during July’s full moon in Aquarius. With Leo season 2021 (master of self-expression and creativity) underway, we'll feel more compelled to express our eccentricities.

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