Your Survival Guide To June's "Ring Of Fire" Solar Eclipse

Get ready for new beginnings.


The June 2021 new moon on June 10 is the last lunation of the spring season — and it's also a powerful and change-making "ring of fire" solar eclipse. This cosmic moment brings fateful opportunities and sudden mental shifts, so you'll want to follow some new moon dos and don’ts.


DO: Ask Yourself Questions

This eclipse takes place in air sign Gemini, known for being inquisitive and curious. This makes it a good time to ask yourself deep questions and get to the bottom of lingering issues in your heart. Some self-analysis could lead to a breakthrough.


DON’T: Try To Manifest

Eclipses in astrology are known for being chaotic and tied to fateful events — so while regular new moons are great for manifestation rituals or intention-setting, this solar eclipse is an exception. Let things unfold without swimming against the current.


DO: Listen More Than You Talk

This Gemini-ruled moon is all about communication, but because it aligns with Mercury retrograde, we might experience mixed signals or trouble expressing our emotions. Do more listening than talking now to ensure you get all the pertinent information.

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DON’T: Be Deceived By False Promises

The new moon is forming a tense square aspect with illusive and dreamy planet Neptune, which could bring about confusion and delusion. Avoid wearing rose-colored glasses and seeing only what you want to believe, as you could be easily deceived.


DO: Pay Attention To Energy

The moon's square to Neptune could bring deception, but it could also heighten our intuition. Pay attention to the subtle energies and eclipse-induced shifts that are taking place — and use it to inform how you move forward once eclipse season ends.


DON’T: Resist Necessary Changes

Eclipses are believed to help align us with our fates, even if that means shaking things up or suddenly setting us off on new paths. Try to embrace the new beginnings and opportunities that come up instead of resisting them. Change can be good!

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DO: Keep Your Options Open

Between the intensity of the eclipse and the logistical mess of Mercury retrograde, it'll be hard to finalize any major decisions right now. Use the lunar energy to assess your options and take stock of where you're at, but don't rush to any conclusions.