Your Survival Guide For May’s Full Supermoon Eclipse

Some big changes are on the way.

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The May 2021 full moon on May 26 is the first eclipse of the year, which kicks off eclipse season and heralds in big changes. It's also the closest a full moon will be in proximity to the earth in all of 2021, giving it supermoon status. Read on for some full moon dos and don’ts.

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DO: Get Ready For Spiritual Upgrades

This full supermoon takes place in the knowledge-seeking sign of Sagittarius, which sparks our desire to expand our horizons and embrace mystical-minded adventures. It'll have us feeling spiritually in tune and connected with our higher selves.

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DON’T: Stay Inside Your Comfort Zone

Change happens quickly during eclipses, so all zodiac signs should be ready to embrace life's twists and turns — even if it means stepping beyond our comfort zones. Staying in one place (literally or figuratively) could keep us from growing.

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DO: Practice Moderation

This full moon forms a tension-filled square aspect with expansive planet Jupiter, which could overinflate our confidence or cause us to overindulge in our vices. Make sure to do things with a sense of moderation and avoid taking anything to an extreme.

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DON’T: Do Any Full Moon Manifesting

Full moons in astrology are great for setting intentions, but eclipses are the exception to the rule given how chaotic they can be. Instead of doing a full moon ritual, sit back and allow the universe to bring lessons and changes to your life.

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DO: Challenge Your Old Belief Systems

Sagittarius zodiac energy is all about growth and expansion, so the eclipse here could bring on major paradigm shifts. It's a good time to assess your old belief and decide whether they still reflect who you are. Keep your heart open to change.

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DON’T: Go Overboard With Emotions

Full moons can bring up big feelings — but this eclipse’s connection to growth planet Jupiter can amplify emotions even further. Check yourself before you wreck yourself and avoid flying off the handle, even if interpersonal tensions get high.

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DO: Beware Of Clouded Judgment

During this lunation, romance planet Venus and communication planet Mercury will square off with illusive Neptune, which confuses matters of the mind and the heart. We may not be thinking clearly in these areas, so avoid making big decisions.

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