Your Guide To The Turbulent May Full Flower Moon Lunar Eclipse

Hidden truths will be in bloom.

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It's getting turbulent in the cosmos. Mercury retrograde is here and tension is setting the scene for the full flower moon lunar eclipse in elusive Scorpio, which peaks on May 15. This lunation is revealing shocking truths and hidden secrets. Gear up with these do's and dont's.

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DO: Release What No Longer Serves You

Lunar eclipses can only happen on a full moon, which is an ideal time to purge negativity, people, and situations that are keeping you from being your highest self. Use the transformative energy of the eclipse by writing letters and burning them, or etheric cord-cutting.

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DON’T: Take Things Personally

Best not to take everything at face value right now, especially with Mercury retrograde having the collective in a daze and the full moon lunar eclipse shrouding in sensitive water sign, Scorpio. Be on the lookout for projections from others.

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DO: Get Clear On Your Needs

Between Mercury retrograde inducing brain fog and this lunation eclipsing our intentions, it can be hard to hone in on what we truly want. Use this time to reflect on what you value most and center your focus on how to bring more of it into your life.

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DON’T: Hold Grudges

Full moons are all about letting go, which involves a ton of forgiveness. That's especially the case under this Scorpio moon, as the scorpion is notorious for burning bridges. Where can you let go of a past wrong?

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DO: Be Open To Endings

With this lunation moving into the transformative sign of Scorpio, you may notice significant twists and turns like a new relationship status or a change of heart. Rather than resist the shifts in your life, keep an open mind and embrace the new beginnings.

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DON’T: Bottle Up Your Emotions

Scorpios are emotional water signs — and with the eclipse fogging up your emotions, it can be hard to process how you feel. Any action to suppress them will complicate your feelings down the line. Confide in a trusted friend or journal.

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DO: Prepare For Revelations

For Scorpio, the more secretive and taboo, the better. The intense sign has a knack for keeping things private, and since lunar eclipses are known for radical changes, this lunation is all about unveiling our truths, secrets, and hidden motives.

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