The Spiritual Meaning Of The May 2022 Full Flower Moon Lunar Eclipse

Your full self is coming into bloom.

The full moon as seen behind flower blossoms. The Spiritual Meaning Of The May 2022 Full Flower Moon...
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Eclipse season isn’t always a walk in the park. These rough-and-tumble cosmic periods have a tendency to bring about sudden realizations and massive shifts in our lives. The May 2022 full moon lunar eclipse on May 15 PT/May 16 ET is certainly no exception. It’ll be bringing our emotions to a climax and purging away anything that we need to leave behind — whether we feel ready or not. Also nicknamed the Flower Moon, the spiritual meaning of May’s lunar climax reminds that going from seed to bloom requires a full transformation, and that kind of rebirth isn’t always easy.

Full moons mark the illuminated midpoint of the monthly lunar cycle, and they’re known for bringing a surge of energy, tensions, and heightened emotions. Because May’s full moon is also a lunar eclipse, its climactic power will likely feel even more intense than usual. Lunar eclipses in astrology are associated with rapid growth spurts, major changes, and surprising revelations. Because this fierce lunation is peaking in the transformative sign of Scorpio, the spiritual meaning of the May 2022 full moon lunar eclipse is about facing the truths that lie beneath the surface of our lives — and thus allowing our true selves to come into full bloom.

Getting aligned with any full moon’s energy can help to ground us and prepare us for what’s to come — but this is even more important when navigating the twists and turns of eclipse season. Here’s the scoop on the May 2022 full moon lunar eclipse’s spiritual meaning.

What’s The Spiritual Meaning Of The Flower Moon?

According to the Farmer’s Almanac, the Flower Moon is a traditional nickname given to full moons that take place in May. This floral moniker hails from the fact that May marks the height of spring in the Northern Hemisphere, and during this time of year, an abundance of flowers are in full bloom. Other common nicknames for this lunation include the Budding Moon or the Planting Moon, all of which reference the rebirth-oriented energy of this time of year. Fittingly, the spiritual meaning of May’s full moon lunar eclipse is also ripe with possibilities and budding with transformative growth.

The Flower Moon is full of potential, but we have to remember that some flowers have thorns. This eclipse is taking place in the deep and powerful sign of Scorpio, which brings issues of power, control, and secrecy to the forefront, and asks us to face the truth at the heart of it all. The meaning of this lunation is to look beyond the surface of our lives and get real with what’s lurking in the shadows so we can finally bring it into the light. As the sign associated with transformation, Scorpio energy helps us purge our emotional baggage to make room for growth. Be ready to face your feelings and acknowledge the skeletons in your closet.

The sun and moon will be aspecting many other planets, adding even more intensity and drama to the energy of the eclipse. But this kind of powerful growth will help to align us with our fate and prepare us for a new step in our journey. Additionally, we’ll be experiencing the fresh ingress of lucky planet Jupiter into fiery Aries. At the time of the full moon, Jupiter will be at 0 degrees of Aries — aka, the very first degree of the very first sign of the zodiac — a point that is bursting with the potential for fresh beginnings and exciting new journeys. With Mercury retrograde also in effect, we’ll want to temper this zealousness with some caution and thoughtfulness — but this cosmic cocktail can certainly help us see the magic and motivation that lies ahead post-eclipse.

How To Work With The Full Flower Moon’s Energy

While this is the second eclipse of the year, it’s the first lunar eclipse — and it’s part of the duo of lunations that comprises eclipse season spring 2022 — so it’s a time to sit back and see what the universe has in store for you. Full moons are typically an auspicious time for release rituals or other manifestation practices, but during eclipses, it’s best to hold off on any magical moon ceremonies. Eclipses can be chaotic, as they often bring sudden change, rapid growth, and unexpected opportunities — so instead of trying to focus on your own desires and intentions, open your heart to whatever life is attempting to offer you. Trust that what’s shed during this lunar event is meant to be, and is making room for things are more aligned with your core.

Just as we must rid our gardens of weeds in order make room for flowers, this eclipse prompts us to purge our emotional baggage and face our inner truths so that something beautiful can blossom. Stay present through the shifts and be willing to feel your feelings.