10 Of Bella Hadid's Best '90s Beauty Looks

From color-blocked highlights to pastel eyeshadow.

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13 of Bella Hadid's best '90s beauty looks.
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From Britney's new haircut to Dua Lipa's highlights, the '90s are back in style — but Bella Hadid's probably the biggest fan of the decade's beauty looks. The model has worn everything from pastel makeup to piece-y updos, all of which prove that she's the nostalgic style queen.

Pastel Lids

With her twisted updo, face-framing strands, and hair clip — not to mention her pastel eyeshadow — Hadid serves seriously '90s beauty vibes.

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Lip Liner

This is a fully '90s beauty look: Hadid's got the thinly defined brows, baby blue eyeshadow, lip liner, and pink blush, all of which make for a retro glam.

Bronze Makeup

Hadid did this makeup look herself using Dior products. The stringy bangs from the updo paired with the cat eye and bronze hues make this a major nod to the '90s.

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Chunky Front Highlights

The supermodel's latest hairdo features chunky, face-framing highlights, which happens to be a '90s style trend experts have predicted for this winter season.

Baby Blue Eyeshadow

Hadid rocks baby blue eyeshadow for a Balenciaga show. Pastel lids are arguably one of the biggest beauty looks from the '90s.

Mini Side Braids

If you didn't wear your hair up with two tiny braided sections left out in the front, you didn't grow up in the '90s. Here Hadid rocks the old-school hairstyle that brings major nostalgia.

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Parted Updo

Hadid's clearly a fan of the sleeked back, parted updo, which was huge in the '90s. She rocks it with a full face of brown pigment and glossy lips — another makeup trend from the decade.

Half-Done Braids

This is a full '90s look, from the braided rows in her half up hairdo to the defined arches, bronze cheekbones, and lip liner.

Piece-y Hair Twist

Hadid can often be found wearing this perfectly messy twisted updo with face-framing sections in front. She's serving even more '90s vibes with the bold eyeliner and bronzer.

Smoky Glam

With the light blue eyeshadow — which fades up to the brow bone — and heavy eyeliner, Hadid's glam, courtesy of makeup artist Hugh Vanngo, looks a lot like the popular makeup styles from the '90s.

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