Your Guide To The Coastal Grandmother Beauty Aesthetic

How to get that “I’ve spent the whole afternoon grooming my hydrangeas” glow.

Your guide to the coastal grandmother beauty look, which is all about a country house glow.
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Prepare to see more people embracing their inner coastal grandmother, aka the trending TikTok aesthetic that’s all about button-down shirts, white capris, and sun hats. Beauty-wise, picture Oprah’s radiant post-gardening glow.


“She goes to regular facials, spends money on great skin care and makeup, and wears her sunscreen every day,” says makeup artist Lisa Haron. A coastal grandmother’s glam staples, she adds, include tinted moisturizer or light foundation, brow gel, mascara, and a balmy lip shade.

If you want to channel your inner Ina Garten, throw on a cardigan and keep reading for pro tips.

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First things first: Prep your complexion with some hydration. “Give some love to the skin with a nutritious balm, oil, or moisturizer,” says Haron. This one from Beekman 1802 features nourishing goat milk, which just screams why yes, I do have a country home.
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If you’re serving coastal grandma, drop your colorful eyeshadows because these classy gardening and wine enthusiasts go light on the eye makeup. “One coat of mascara is plenty,” says Haron. “Just make sure to wiggle it up and lift it from the root of the lashes when applying.”
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In case you want a little more definition (or need to look more awake after drinking that chardonnay last night), Haron recommends using an eyelash curler. “A lash curler makes all the difference to open the eyes,” she tells Bustle.
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Coastal grandmothers love a rosy pink pout. Chanel’s Rouge Allure Ink Matte in Serenity provides the perfect wash of soft pigment over your lips — and it’ll stay put even after dining on your Caprese salad featuring heirloom tomatoes grown from your garden.
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According to Juliana Ohlmeyer, hair pro from Bassia Bassia, the coastal grandmother hair look “screams for a roller set that delivers maximum volume and exudes romantic energy,” she tells Bustle. “The more polished and extra, the better.”

The idea is to add airy volume that will stick to your roller set — because the bigger the hair, the closer to Dolly Parton. Ohlmeyer says to apply a mousse like this one on damp hair before adding velcro rollers. Remove when dry and zhuzh your high-glam bouncy waves.
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Once your hair is set and your summer house glow is radiating, you’re good to invite your coastal grandmother BFFs over for martinis and a Nancy Meyers movie marathon.

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