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Coastal Grandmas Are Here To Replace Hot Girl Summer

It’s time to trade your crop tops for cardigans.

Every season — or every couple of weeks, honestly — a new aesthetic starts making its mark on TikTok. The first few months of 2022 have already been defined by Euphoria-inspired looks and American Girl Doll smiles, and now TikTok is gearing up for the warmth with a new look to aspire to: the Coastal Grandma. To get a picture of the vibe TikTok is going for, think of the older adult protagonists you love in your favorite Nancy Meyers movies. They’re mature and wholesome, clad in starched button-downs, and are probably obsessed with baking. Thankfully, you can achieve the look and lifestyle, too, no grandkids or complicated romantic plot required.

The #coastalgrandma hashtag has over 7.7 million views on TikTok and features users giving their takes on starter packs, Spotify playlists, movie recommendations, wine rankings, and hosting tips to achieve coastal grandma status. TikTok user @lexnicoleta posted her first explanation video of the term on March 29 and has since updated her profile’s bio to “coastal grandmother headquarters.”

In her first video, she dives into what makes a coastal grandmother citing celebrities like Diane Keaton, Meryl Streep, Ina Garten, and Martha Stewart as the pinnacle of the look. It’s a lifestyle for those who love baked goods, cozy interior design, gardening, and the soft touch of a light cashmere cardigan.For those who don’t have the sprawling coastal home in the Hamptons, Cape Cod, or Montecito, exuding the ethereal yet put together energy of a coastal grandmother is enough.

By TikTok’s standards, a coast and grandchildren aren’t prerequisites to being a coastal grandmother. It’s more of an attitude and way of life. In fact, @lexnicoleta says Reese Witherspoon is a prime example of “coastal grandmother energy” because of her affinity for the color powder blue, her book club, and her love for wine. Since her initial video (it now has over 314,000 likes, by the way) people are using the #coastalgrandmother tag to share what they think makes them a part of the coastal grandmother movement.

Have a Le Creuset dutch oven sitting in your kitchen awaiting the next time you make some homemade sourdough or stew? Maybe you’re really into vintage Lily Pulitzer patterns and that monogrammed L.L. Bean tote you see people carrying at the farmer’s market on Sundays. You’re well on your way to living your best coastal grandmother life.

All that’s left to do is fill your kitchen with intricately patterned ceramics, blast some old-time Motown in your kitchen, and pop open a bottle of chardonnay to enjoy while sitting on your porch. Say goodbye to your hot girl summer, because this year it’s all about coastal grandma energy. Start stocking up on linen tops and wicker baskets ASAP.