10 Glam Eyeliner Looks To Try For New Year's Eve

From shiny stickers to graphic white lines.

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Rosdiana Ciaravolo/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

Glittery eyeshadow tends to sweep the competition when it comes to New Year’s makeup looks. But close on its heels are cool, unique eyeliner looks — and it might be time to pass the torch. From neon stickers to classic winter white, here are the best eyeliner looks to end 2021.

Electric Blue Eyeliner

Nothing says “party” like bright neon colors. Take notes from makeup artist Priscilla Ono and outline your eyes with an electric blue shade for a bold look that’s super fun.


Metallic Eyeliner Stickers

It doesn’t get easier than stickers. Opt for fun decals, like these spiked eyelash-like decals from Donni Davy x Face Lace, for your eyeliner looks this NYE.


Glitter Bomb Liner

Glitter and New Year’s Eve are basically synonymous. Put a twist on a holiday makeup classic by drawing out sharp lines under the brow and the outer corner of your eyes for a more dynamic look.


Floating Eyeliner

Draw a single thin line right below your eyebrow for a unique eyeliner look. To make it even more fun, opt for a striking color combo like lime green and yellow.


Outer Edges

It’s all about the angles. Accentuate the outer corner of your eyes with these graphic lines in a bold color.


Icy Eyeliner

Use a bright sky blue to create a negative space cat eye, then pair it with subtle white eyeshadow in the inner corners to really make it pop.


Black Geometric Eyeliner

Paint geometric outlines against a gilded eyeshadow. The duo is fit for any festive occasion.


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White Graphic Eyeliner

You can’t go wrong with a chic winter white eyeliner look. Outline your eyes with thick white liner above the crease and you’re good to go celebrate 2022.

Duochrome Liner

Anything holographic and shiny is perfect for New Year’s Eve makeup looks. This angled duochrome eyeliner by pro Danessa Myricks is bound to elevate any look you’ll be wearing when the ball drops at midnight.


Classic Cat Eye With A Twist

Simple winged liner is an oldie, but goodie. To spice it up for a holiday party, opt for an unexpected color like red on your bottom waterline.