15 TikTok Eyeliner Hacks, From Totally OTT To Genius

Some of them are... interesting.

by Hilary Shepherd
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Beauty TikTokers are incorporating bobby pins, tape, and even bananas into their beauty routines, al...

There’s a treasure trove of seriously clever makeup tricks on TikTok. Just search the hashtag #makeuphack — and be prepared to get fully sucked into the abyss of mesmerizing, minute-long videos where users provide genius solutions to otherwise tricky beauty quandaries, from the best eyeshadow application techniques to foolproof ways to prevent your concealer from creasing to eyeliner tips for hooded eyes and everything in between.

Of course, you’ll have to do a little bit of wading to uncover the real gems. As any TikTok user knows, there are quite a few head-scratching (or comedic) makeup tutorials out there as well. (See: Using a red M&M — yes, the candy — as blush and lipstick.) Some DIYs can also veer into dangerous territory (ahem, sunscreen contouring). In other words, using your best judgement is definitely a good strategy to adopt here.

In the case of TikTok’s many eyeliner hacks, there’s a mixed bag of how-to videos that claim to give you that perfect flick in no time, often by using common household items like tape, bobby pins, dental floss, and — get this — even the end of a banana.

Below, see 15 winged eyeliner hacks from TikTok, from the totally simple to the downright extra.


The Dental Floss Eyeliner Hack

Have a bad habit of forgetting to floss? This one might be for you — but it will require a steady hand and a bit of skill. Coat a piece of floss in eyeliner (liquid is probably best) and press it on your skin in a diagonal direction. Do the same on your eyelid, connecting the two ends to create a triangle space. Fill in the space with your eyeliner.


The Banana Eyeliner Hack

This hack involves the stem of a banana. The TikToker cuts off the end to make it sharp and pointed, heats it up with a lighter, and drags it across the outer corner of her eye and along her lid. This is one you probably should not attempt at home — though Huda Beauty’s Huda Kattan’s recreation of it was admittedly hilarious.


The Bandage Hack

For a super precise cat eye, this user reached for bandage tape, sticking the middle of it on her nostrils (make sure you can breathe through your nose!) and dragging both sides to the outer ends of her eyes.

Next, she cut up two smaller pieces of the tape, placing them on the middle her eyelids to meet the other ends of the tape. This forms a triangular space for you to apply your favorite eyeliner (or eyeshadow). Simply take off the tape and voilà.


The Bobby Pin Eyeliner Hack

Grab a stray bobby pin, coat the open end with the little balls in your favorite liner (this pastel green looks especially cool), press it onto the outer part of your eyes to create a sort of “stamp,” and then simply fill in the small space with the rest of your eyeliner. So. Easy.


The “Three Lines” Trick

This hack involves a bit of artistry — and might work best with liquid eyeliner. Draw three vertical lines on your lash line, starting from the middle to the end, going from shortest to tallest. Then connect the lines by filling them in. Finally, draw a little wing at the end.


The OG Tape Trick

Scotch tape FTW. This user stuck two pieces of tape on the outer corner of her eye, filling in the space with black liner. The benefit of clear tape is that you can really see what you’re working with — just make sure to remove it carefully so you don’t tug the skin.


The Fork Eyeliner Hack

Forks may be used to comb hair in The Little Mermaid, but on TikTok, they’re used to create a perfect cat eye. (Just make sure it’s clean.) Place the end of it in an angled direction on the outer corner of your eye, using the straightness of it to guide your hand as you trace the eyeliner outward.


The Trick For Perfect Inner Corner Eyeliner

Another bobby pin hack, this time involving the inner corners of your eyes: Take the open end of the pin and pinch the skin on the very top of your nose with it (the part between your eyes). This will pull the inner corners inward and make the skin slightly taught, allowing you to execute a sharp point.


The Pragmatic Approach

If using a household item (or a piece of produce) isn’t your thing, take a cue from this user, who fixed her slightly crooked cat eye with nothing more than a Q-tip and what appears to be a little micellar water, which is like a liquid eraser.


The Multitasking Hack

This trick is particularly useful if you’re getting ready for a big event and are crunched for time. Lighten dark circles and de-puff your eyes with your favorite eye mask while creating a perfect cat eye at the same time. Simply trace your eyeliner along the top of the eye mask and remove.


The Pencil Trick

This eyeliner tutorial offers up solid advice for beginners. After using an eyeliner pencil, she uses a small angled brush to perfect the wing.


The Glam Filter Hack

This is pretty genius. All you need to do is apply a filter and use it as a virtual stencil.


The White Eyeliner Tip

When it comes to making white eyeliner look natural on the water line, this content creator has it all figured out. By using the liner on just half of her lash line, it creates the appearance of brighter, wider eyes.


The Triangle Trick

This is proof that you can rock thick eyeliner even if you have hooded eyes. The creator swipes on a triangle to make a wing, then swoops it downward to prevent smudges.


The Sponge Stamp Hack

If you have some little makeup sponges laying around, here’s a great way to put them to use. Apply a liquid eyeliner to the straight edge and stamp it on.

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