The 9 Most Memorable Beauty Moments From The Princess Diaries

In light of the movie’s 20th (!!!) anniversary.

Steve Granitz/WireImage/Getty Images


Somehow, 2021 marks 20 years since The Princess Diaries came out. It feels like yesterday that the world watched Anne Hatheway’s character transform from high school outsider to literal royalty, but the relatability of the movie’s beauty looks remains the same.


Mia Thermopolis’ Bushy Brows

In the movie, Thermopolis' pre-makeover brows are a punchline. But in retrospect, Hatheway's character was way ahead of the game (and even Cara Delevingne) with her full and bushy arches.


Thermopolis’ Pinned-Back Braids

What happened at the beach may not have been chill, but Princess Mia still managed to look ethereal with delicate braids pinned back to show off her face.


Princess Mia’s Skin Care Routine

Raise your hand if you turned to pore strips for removing blackheads in high school. In her journey to regality, Thermopolis used the drugstore beauty treatment in her routine.


Queen Clarisse’s Braided ‘Do

Julie Andrews is basically an IRL queen already, but in the flick, Queen Clarisse sports a braided updo that is reminiscent of her other iconic role in The Sound Of Music.


Princess Mia’s Voluminous Curls

Even though Thermapolis’ curls were another punchline in the movie, they would’ve been crown-worthy if she had simply spritzed them with some leave-in conditioner.


Thermapolis’ Perfectly Styled Ringlets

Adding a crown isn’t the most practical piece of beauty advice, but you can achieve regality with a nape highlighting updo and face-framing curls.


Lilly Moscovitz’s Heavy Liner

While in Genovia, Princess Mia’s best friend Moscovitz shows up wearing a quintessential 2000s-era black eyeliner look.


Renaldi’s Coral Lip

Coral lipstick can seem intimidating, but Queen Clarisse makes a very 2021-appropriate argument for its versatility as an everyday shade.


Early 2000s Hair Looks

Mandy Moore’s character and her two sidekicks served as the classic high school antagonists in the movie. But even if you didn’t like them, they each rocked iconic hairstyles from the early aughts: a twisted updo, pinned-back strands, and butterfly clips.