10 Makeup Trends That Defined The Early 2000s

From heavy liner to shimmery lids.

The best 2000s makeup looks of all time, from frosted shadows to glossy lips.
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Getty Images/ Carmen Valdes / Contributor

The 2000s makeup trends were very distinctive: Think heavy pink blush, ultra-thin arches, body glitter, and high-contrast lip liner. Here are the most iconic beauty looks of the era, as seen on stars like Britney, Christina, and Rihanna — prepare to feel a lot of nostalgia.

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Heavy Blush

The 2000s was not a decade of subtle blush. Instead, people applied rouge to the cheeks with a heavy hand — the more color, the better. Take Mariah Carey as a prime example: Here, the star rocks a rosy color at a benefit event in 2004.