Lucy Hale Just Brought Back The '90s Biggest Middle School Hair Trend

Time to revisit your butterfly clips.

Lucy Hale's butterfly hair clips are straight from the '90s.
Jean Baptiste Lacroix/WireImage/Getty Images

If you look around at all the slouchy trousers, brown lipstick shades, and chunky hair highlights, you’d think it were the ‘90s. That’s because the decade is back (from a style standpoint, at least). Another blast from the past? Lucy Hale’s butterfly hair clips.

In an Instagram story posted March 9, the actor shared a video of herself wearing multi-colored pastel butterfly clips that you’d immediately recognize if you spent your pre-teen years inside a Claire’s. Hale rocked the hair clips in true ‘90s fashion, with each clip holding back a small section of hair in a half-up, half-down butterfly crown (aka the it-hairstyle of the decade).

Hale was certainly feeling the nostalgia, too. She captioned the video, “The year is 2000, I just learned Britney Spears’ choreography, and am heading to Blockbuster. Life is good.” Brings you back, doesn’t it?

If that nostalgia you’re feeling makes you want to buy some butterfly clips to wear with your velvet slip dress and lip liner, you most certainly can — Urban Outfitters is selling some for just $6. Go be your best late ‘90s, early ‘00s self.

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