9 Watercolor Nail Designs That Are Mini Works Of Art

They’re just. so. cute.

Getty Images/ mikroman6

Manicures are a dynamic and commitment-free way to express yourself. Need inspo?Watercolor nail art takes the hand-painted vibes to your fingertips, bringing you the perfect design for your spring manis. Here are some gorgeous looks that’ll spark your inner artist.

Etsy is a secret treasure trove of press-on nails, including those with trending watercolor designs. Case in point: These sherbert-colored hand-painted tips. The best part? No trip to the salon required.

For an added flair of glamour, consider these for inspo — bleeding pastel watercolors with hints of gold foil.

Florals may not be groundbreaking for spring, but they’re certainly timeless and appropriate. This floral mani set gives off delicate March sister vibes.

Nail artist Chrmd by Sarah has mastered the watercolor look. Her signature hardware adds 3-D elements to this stunning, ocean-colored manicure.

These nails pair Murakami’s Louis Vuitton print with a spring watercolor flair, a design that’s reminiscent of the early aughts.

When you think of watercolors, you don’t usually think of neons. This set of nails proves the two trends make an ethereal combination — keep in mind when you need a boost of electric shades in your life.

Giving yourself a watercolor manicure means painting an actual work of art on a tiny canvas. This feminine floral nail look, complete with cherry blossoms, is the perfect inspo for a spring manicure.

When you can’t decide on one trend for your nails, just mix and match all of them for a chic maximalist look with a different design on each fingertip.

Can’t make it to the salon? Chillhouse, a popular Manhattan locale, launched its own line of press-on nails. This neutral peach set features super-cute hints of watercolor.