15 Pastel Nail Colors You'll Want To Wear All Spring Long

Including a fun metallic twist!

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These 15 pastel manicures are great spring nail inspiration.
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Your nails are still likely coated in the deep, hunter greens and rich wine-toned reds of winter, and well, that makes sense. It is, unfortunately, still cold outside. But if you're hoping to get a jump on some spring nail inspiration, these 15 pastel nails are going to make the cold temperatures outside feel just a bit more bearable.

When it comes to color, nothing says spring more than pastels, but you don't just have to stick to a single shade (but you can if you want). Thankfully, nail artists, manicurists, and influencers can offer some serious inspiration for your colorful pastel mani. From popular trends like the skittles manicure and bright French tips to more abstract options like '90s-inspired nail art and glam looks with jewels, pastel doesn't just mean some bright colors and no details. There's nail art to be had and bling to add.

If you have been on the hunt for the perfect inspiration manicure or just love looking at others' nail art creations, here are 15 pastel nail options to save to your Instagram bookmarks and add to your Pinterest board.



If you're not feeling a classic French tip, this abstract artwork using asymmetrical squiggles is perfect, and you can use any pastel shades you want like OPI's Gelato on my Mind and Essie's Chillato.


Smooshed Pastels

Nail artist Mimi D created this smooshed pastel look that embraces the tie-dye trend, and she told Bustle how to get the look. All you need are pastel polishes like Pear Nova's Tokyo Afterglow and LeChat's Pink Dasiy and a makeup sponge.



With its mix of patterns, florals, and butterflies, this colorful manicure embraces the "indie" beauty trends of 2021. If you don't think you're one for this type of detail artwork, you can always opt for stickers like Olive & June's Feeling Groovy set.



The Skittles manicure has been a trendy staple for multiple seasons now, and this soft, negative space version is so unique. For an easy way to coordinate your colors, you can always opt for a coordinated set of polishes like Orosa Beauty's Sugar Plum Fairies Set.


Jewel Detail

Love a little bling with your manicure? You can opt for a pastel shade, like this purple, and add any sort of decoration you want using nail glue.



If you want to opt for a single shade and don't have the patience for creating nail art, try a pastel nail polish with a holographic finish, like Light's Lacquer's Nebula, for a bit of a punch.



Flames don't have to be red, orange, and yellow. This pastel take is just as cool as a more traditional color scheme. Grab two coordinating pastel colors, a nail brush, and go to town.


Muted Tones

If you think pastels are all Easter egg-hued and bright, these tones prove that you can customize your look using more muted colors like Static Nails' Liquid Glass Lacquer in Earl Grey and Butter London's Patent Shine 10x Nail Lacquer in Fancy.



For those with an affinity for nail art, this floral manicure allows you to use multiple pastel shades in the form of daisies. With this look, a dotting tool will certainly be your friend and make the artwork much easier.


Accent Nails

Your pastel manicure doesn't have to be all pastels, all the time. These green-themed nails with two mint accents (in a shade like Paintbox's Nail Lacquer in Like Wonder)are a great way to incorporate the color family.



For those who love a good minimalist look, a sideways French tip could be the way to go, and you can choose any pastel shade like Suite Eleven's Nail Lacquer in East Coast, West Coast.



Not a nail art pro? No problem. This Skittles manicure features five different pastel base shades but also adds simple white dots across the nail that can be done with just a white polish and the tip of a bobby pin.


Animal Print

Animal print was dubbed a winter 2021 nail trend, but you can easily take it into spring with this cow print mani featuring pastel backdrops in pink and yellow.


French Tip

Give your French tip a twist by using pastel shades, and if you really want to go big, start with a glitter base like this look.



Think pastel doesn't translate into metallic? Think again. This skittles manicure using metallic pastels, like Ella + Mila's My Fantasy, is a chic take on the color family.

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