The 7 Best Stretches For Your Bicep Muscles

The perfect follow-up to arm day.

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Here's how to stretch your biceps, according to trainers.
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It’s not uncommon to have sore biceps after a tough arm workout, says trainer Lindsay Wenndt. This area can also feel tight if you sit at a desk all day. Once you learn how to stretch your biceps, you’ll find improved mobility and less pesky pain. Here are 7 the pros recommend.

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“T” Stretch

Wenndt says this stretch will open up your biceps, shoulders, and chest to help relieve soreness.

- Hold arms out at your sides, like the letter “T.”

- Pull arms back behind you as far as you can.

- Turn palms up. Look up.

Hold for 15 to 30 seconds.


Arm Rotation

Now turn your arms the other way for this move from trainer Rocky Harris.

- Hold arms out at sides, parallel to floor.

- Rotate arms so elbows point up at ceiling.

- Hold 20 to 30 seconds.

- Return to start.

Repeat 3x.


Seated Bicep Stretch

Trainer Sarah Bradford says this move will improve your range of motion.

- Sit, knees bent, feet on floor hip-distance apart.

- Place hands behind you, fingers point away.

- Slowly move butt to heels, keep hands planted.

- Hold 30 seconds.

Repeat up to 3x.


Standing Stretch

Bradford says this one reaches your biceps, chest, and shoulders.

- Stand feet hip-width apart.

- Interlace fingers behind back, palms face down.

- Straighten arms, raise interlaced hands up as high as you can.

- Hold 30 seconds, slowly release.

Repeat up to 3x.


Forward Fold Stretch

Build on the previous move with this one from yoga pro Brett Larkin.

- Stand, hands interlaced behind back.

- Hinge forward at hips, torso parallel to floor.

- Raise arms in the air behind back.

- Feel stretch in biceps.

- Take 5 breaths, return to stand.


Wall Stretch

Trainer Thomas Roe says this stretches the biceps after a workout.

- Stand in doorway or by a wall.

- Left hand grasps frame at waist level.

- Step forward with left foot, bend knee.

- Lean into stretch. Feel it in arm, shoulder.

- Hold.

Repeat on other side.

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Pull-Up Stretch

Dr. Steve Hruby recommends this move after weight training. Think of it as a mini pull-up.

- Grab a chin-up bar with underhand grip.

- Hang for 30 seconds.

- Slowly raise your body two inches, keep elbows extended.

- Feel light pull in biceps.

- Lower.

Repeat 4x.

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