The 11 Best Stretches For Tennis Elbow

Open up the arms and wrists for relief.



While tennis elbow is named after an actual tennis injury, it can happen to anyone who overuses their wrists and arms, says Marshall Weber, CPT.

Tennis elbow causes pain and decreased grip strength. But according to Shannon Leggett, PT, these arm and wrist stretches can help.

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Arm & Chest Stretch

Leggett suggests taking stretch breaks throughout the day to prevent overuse injuries. Try this one for tennis elbow.

- Interlace hands behind your back.

- Push your hands down.

- Hold for 30 seconds.

- Repeat 3 times a day.

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Radial Nerve Stretch

Leggett recommends this move to relieve painful radial nerve irritation related to tennis elbow.

- Lift arm out to side.

- Make a fist, flex wrist.

- Internally rotate arm.

- Tilt head to opposite side.

- Hold 10 seconds.

- Repeat 10x once a day.


Kneeling Stretch

Leggett also likes this stretch for the wrists.

- Get on all fours, wrists under shoulders.

- Flip hands upside down so fingers face toward you.

- Shift back on hips to relieve excess pressure.

- Hold 30 seconds, 3x.


Wrist Extensor

Trainer Jody Braverman says stretching and strengthening your arms can help prevent tennis elbow.

- Extend one arm, palm down.

- Slowly bend wrist, back of hand comes toward you.

- With other hand, gently pull fingers back.

- Hold 15 seconds.

- Do 3x a day.


Wrist Stretch 2.0

Physical therapist Dr. Matthew Cooper recommends this wrist stretch.

- Put the affected arm out in front of you.

- Flex wrist down.

- Rotate arm so fingers point to the outside.

- Use other hand to help bend wrist further.

- Hold for a few seconds.


Elbow Bend

Do this simple move regularly to help treat and prevent tennis elbow, Weber says.

- Stand up straight.

- Lower tennis elbow arm to one side.

- Slowly bend arm until your hand touches your shoulder.

- Hold for 30 seconds.

- Repeat 10 reps multiple times a day.


Finger Stretch

Trainer TJ Mentus suggests this simple stretch to relieve inflammation.

- Spread all your fingers as far apart as you can.

- Bring them back together.

- Repeat 10 times for 3 sets.


Downward Wrist

Try this move from Mentus whenever you’re feeling achy.

- Hold your arm out straight.

- Make a fist.

- Point knuckles down until you feel a stretch in forearm.

- Aid stretch with opposite hand to go deeper.

- Hold for 30 seconds on each side.


Forearm Rotations

Mentus recommends doing this stretch throughout the day.

- Hold palm out facing up with elbow at 90-degree angle.

- Rotate palm to face down and hold for 5 seconds.

- Rotate palm up again and hold 5 seconds.

- Repeat for 10 total times and 3 sets.

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Towel Twist

Certified personal trainer Jake Dickson suggests this move.

- Grab either end of a rolled-up towel.

- As if wringing out water, twist the towel by moving your hands in different directions.

- Twist 10x one way, then 10x the other.


Fist Squeeze

Dickson says this motion will strengthen and stretch your wrists and forearms.

- Roll up a towel or sock, or grab a tennis ball.

- Place it in the palm of your hand.

- Squeeze by slowly tightening fingers around ball.

- Squeeze for 10 seconds.

- Repeat 10x.