9 Beginner-Friendly Tabata Workouts

They're short... but spicy.

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If you like HIIT, you might love Tabata. It’s a workout style that involves 20-seconds of intense exercise followed by 10-second breaks, says Sweat Remix’s Angela Gentile. And it gets your heart pumping in a flash. Give it a try with these Tabata workouts for beginners.

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Tabata Cycle

Trainer Maria Sogard says this workout will bring your heart rate up as it works the core, glutes, and legs.

- High knees.

- Shuffle squats.

- Push-ups.

- Jumping jacks.

Do each one for 20 seconds followed by a 10-second break. Complete the cycle 4 times.


A/B Workout

Gentile says alternate between the “A” and “B” exercises with each set.

- A: squats; B: jump squats.

- A: Spiderman plank; B: mountain climbers.

- A: lateral lunge; B: skaters.

- A: down dog + push-up; B: kneeling punches.

4-5 sets, 20 secs. per move + 10 secs. rest.

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Beginner Strength

Trainer John Gardner says this Tabata workout is great for strength training.

- Squats.

- Push-ups.

- Jumping jacks.

- Sit-ups.

- Lunges.

- Planks.

- Tricep dips.

- Leg raises, lying on back.

20 seconds on, 10 sec. off. Repeat 3x.

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Cardio Circuit

Trainer Brett Corris says this workout will improve your cardiovascular endurance.

- High knees.

- Step run-ups. (Step up and over a low surface.)

- Football fast feet. (Pump feet quickly in a high squat.)

Do 8 rounds, 20 secs. on, 10 secs. off.

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Full Body

Trainer Chris Lee says this works your entire body.

- Squat, then drive knee to chest.

- High plank, push-up, twist to side plank. Alternate sides.

- Curtsy lunges + weighted bicep curls at the top.

- Glute bridges. Drive hips up.

20 seconds on, 10 seconds off.

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No-Equipment Circuit

Coach Jenna Caer says these moves combine strength and cardio.

- Power knees + reverse crunches.

- Mountain climbers + plank jacks.

- High knees + Heisman shuffle.

- Jumping jacks + chair tricep dips.

Do each exercise for 1 set. Repeat circuit 4x.

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Ballet Inspired

Trainer Fran Garton says this circuit targets the obliques, legs, and arms.

- Standing side leg raises.

- Standing torso twists.

- Plié position + forward punches.

- Stepbacks. Bend knees, step one foot back, tap toe to ground.

20 seconds on, 10 seconds off.

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HIIT Boxing

This Tabata sesh from trainer Leo Maragas incorporates boxing moves for strength.

- Jump rope + high knees.

- Fast jab/cross punches + mountain climbers.

- Jumping jacks + bicycle crunches.

- Up/down planks + donkey kicks.

Alternate exercises for 3-5 rounds.

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Tabata + Weights

Gentile recommends a 5 to 15-pound weight.

- Squats + single arm pulls. Pick up weight between feet.

- Jumping jacks + overhead press. Jump then push weight above head.

- Bird-dog rows. On all fours, lift one leg and row weight to abs.

- Single leg jump rope.