10 Products That Will Get Your Whole Family In The Holiday Spirit

By Amy Jamieson

During the holidays, we spend so much time stocking up on stocking stuffers and filling our calendar with events that it can be easy to forget to fully embrace the season, and instead fall into what I like to call "merriment malaise." Bah humbug? Yeah, that sounds about right.

The holiday hustle is intense — between family obligations, school work, gift shopping, and everything else, it can be tough to find the time to savor the season and make memories with those you hold most dear.

To help facilitate that oh-so-festive (and often oh-so-elusive) feeling, Bustle teamed up with JCPenney to source all the family-friendly products that'll amplify fun for all ages, from little kids to grandparents. Whether we're talking matching pajamas or games that keep everyone laughing, these items are sure to maximize the merry when it comes to your together time this year.

Keep scrolling and let the fun begin.

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