Your Health, A To Z

Have a health question the internet won't answer? Here's the women's health index you've been looking for.

Getty Images, Caroline Wurtzel

The Most Annoying Couple On YOU Is Also The Healthiest

“Connecting intimately? So crucial.”

By Emma Fraser

Megan Fox Says She & MGK Are Twin Flames, Not Soulmates. What Does That Mean?

A soulmate is the peanut butter to your jelly. A twin flame is just more jelly.

By Kristine Fellizar

20 Supportive Texts To Send Someone Who’s Stressed Out

“The connective action of showing interest and concern can, by itself, decrease stress."

By Carolyn Steber
Chill Chat

Off-Season With Sue Bird

The basketball great reveals the “wonderful” product that helps her sleep.

By Shalayne Pulia
Trial Run

My Honest Review Of Future, A Personal Trainer-Based Fitness App

Every part of your workout routine is customized.

By Rachel Lapidos

7 Reasons To Start Power Walking

Don’t call it basic.

By Carolyn Steber

What To Do If You Are Spiked With A Needle, According To An Expert

Including the immediate steps to take first.

By Sophie McEvoy

A Breakdown Of The NHS’ “Plan B” COVID-19 Strategy

With increasing cases, NHS leaders are asking the government to implement a handful of safety measures.

By Sophie McEvoy and L'Oréal Blackett

Weaponized Incompetence, The Common Form Of Gaslighting That's Trending On TikTok

“Fine, I’ll just do it myself then.”

By Kristine Fellizar

9 Beginner-Friendly Tabata Workouts

They're short... but spicy.

By Carolyn Steber

Meet The Yoga Practice That Helps You Sleep

It's the chillest form of yoga ever.

By Carolyn Steber

7 Signs You're Burned Out From Your Relationship

When everything they do gives you the ick, it’s time to move on.

By Lea Rose Emery
Sex & Relationships

Two Friends Have Opened The UK’s First Sex Shop For People Living With Cancer

Created by Joon-Lynn Goh and Brian Lobel, Sex with Cancer aims to open up conversations about intimacy and illness.

By Alice Broster

Here's What Dreams About Fire Really Mean

It could signify transformation, for one.

By Carolyn Steber

25 Flirty Texts To Send After An Amazing First Date

Step 1: Don't overthink the timing.

By Carolyn Steber and Kristine Fellizar
The Level Up

Peloton’s Hannah Frankson Wants Fitness To Feel Less Serious

The former pro athlete draws 40,000 people – including Usain Bolt – to her classes, thanks to her mood-lifting music & inclusive message.

By Sam Rogers