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11 Neck Exercises That'll Help Relieve Tension

Don't feel bad about your neck.

By Carolyn Steber
Me and My Meds

I Was All For Medicating Mental Health Issues – Just Not For Me

A new mom struggles with postpartum anxiety but resists taking medication for it.

By Anonymous, as told to Dana Smith
Chill Chat

Jennifer Aniston Can’t Get Enough Of Pilates Right Now

Plus, how she separates work and play.

By Alexis Morillo

Prince William & Lorraine Kelly Lead Tributes To “Truly Remarkable” Dame Deborah James

“Because of her, many many lives will be saved.”

By Sam Ramsden

10 Ways To Turn A Walk Into A HIIT Session

No running required.

By Carolyn Steber

So, How Soon Is Too Soon To Move In Together?

Plus, the two things every couple should talk about before cohabiting.

By Jessica Estrada

The UK Abortion Laws In 2022, Explained

Everything you need to know about your access to pregnancy termination options.

By Sophie McEvoy
Reproductive Health

How Getting An Abortion Has Changed From The ’60s Through Today

Things haven't really gotten better.

By Amanda Chatel

TikTok's Viral Headstand Challenge Is Yogi Goals

It's basically like doing acrobatics.

By Carolyn Steber

Lily Allen Was “Quite Emosh” After Performing Sober At Glastonbury Festival

“I had the most amazing day.”

By Stephanie Topacio Long

Here’s How Lizzo Is Supporting Abortion Rights After The Roe v. Wade Reversal

“This is a great loss but not a new one.”

By Brad Witter
Queer Love Stories

Jess & Anya Are The High School Sweethearts Who Gave Love A Second Chance

“I cried at the realisation of how I’d loved her so much before our five year hiatus.”

By Jessica Morgan

The Best Summer Workout Gear Of 2022

From bucket hats to muscle tees.

By Carolyn Steber

11 Stretches For Mid-Back Pain

Loosen and lengthen your muscles.

By Carolyn Steber

Plan C Vs. Plan B: What's The Difference?

Everything you need to know about how abortion pills differ from emergency contraception.

By Lexi Inks
Reproductive Health

So You're Having A Medication Abortion

Everything to expect about the common but often-misunderstood procedure, from how the pills work to the legal risks.

By Dana Smith